Justice for Korean Comfort Women

It’s been a long time since WWII, almost 75 years in fact. The plight of those affected has never been forgotten as the world moved on. A little-known fact was that during the war Japan forced somewhere between 20,000 and women to work in brothels that are Japanese. These ladies were known as “Comfort Women”, basically they were pressured into becoming prostitutes. To South Korea for the wrongdoing, Japan has since apologized a lot of times over the course of time. The South Korean government hasn’t felt that Japan meant the apology up until recently. As of 2015’s end, there were 46 living South Korean Comfort Women in South Korea, only a small fraction of the thousands of lives that endured treatment.


In December 2015, Japanese Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida and Yun Byung-se met the South Korean Foreign Minister in Seoul. The men discussed a formal apology from Japan for their treatment of Korean women. A deal has been reached that both countries could agree upon. Japan gave approximately $8.3 million into the South Korean government as atonement. Continued his efforts to improve relations with their neighboring country by apologizing again for their sins of the past, and calling the South Korean President Park Geun-hye, at the time.


After the conclusion of discussions and apologies, South Korea and Japan were able to part on favorable terms after attaining an affable agreement. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe spoke of a new era beginning between the two countries. He wished to provide a positive experience to the younger generations as opposed to focusing on issues of the past. Previous South Korean Prime Minister Park Geun-hye hoped that the agreement would finally ease the minds of the Korean Comfort Women even after so many years since the end of WWII. One Korean Comfort Woman, Lee Yong-soo aged 88 at the time, felt that the reimbursement was sufficient but firmly stated that the intent wasn’t to look for money.


Reparations have been made making way for a new relationship between Japan and South Korea. Has continued to work with Japan on peaceful terms with the past put behind them. The 2018 Winter Olympics are set to take place. The timing couldn’t have been timed more perfectly. The Olympics celebrate global unity and the coming together to enjoy competitive sports . Positive international relationships play a key role in government and these events at this. There will not be animosity over mistakes but rather comradery over the numerous things that South Korean and Japan have in common when everyone gathers at the ceremony. The Korean Comfort Women have been given the official apology a bright future awaits for making the positive choice to move forward the two nations and that they truly deserve.

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