Airport Authority Of India Tourism Essay

Airport Authority of India came into being by an act of parliament with the amalgamation of National Airport Authority and International airport authorization of India. It came into being on 1st April 1995. ( Beginning: AAI web site ) . The organisation has the duty of making, raising, keeping and pull offing the civil air power substructure both on the land and air space in India.

AAI provides Air Traffic Management Services ( ATMS ) over full Indian Air Space and bordering pelagic countries with land installings at all Airports and 25 other locations to guarantee safety of Aircraft operations. Airports Authority of India ( AAI ) manages 125 Airports that include 11 International Airports, 08 Customss Airports, 81 Domestic Airports and 25 Civil Enclaves at Defense Airfields.

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Subject of probe:

Critical analysis of the pricing footings and understanding of the AAI for their airdromes in North eastern part


The airdrome authorization of India faces every twelvemonth major losingss for its operation in the province of Jammu & A ; Kashmir every bit good as north eastern part. In early August 2009 ( CNBC Report ) the AAI had proposed for the subsidies amounting to Inr 3000 crores for the losingss faced by the authorization in their operation in these countries. “ We are losing Rs100 crore yearly on our operations in the North Eastern part. We want some subsidy from the authorities for these losingss for which we are speaking to the authorities, ” AAI president VP Agrawal told PTI. The North East part has 12 operational airdromes which are all owned and managed by the AAI. This is sing the fact that the AAI generates the 60 % of the gross Inr 16 Billion entirely per twelvemonth from the Mumbai and Delhi airdrome. Smith P ( 2006 ) . The cost of each medium size airdrome about costs 10-15 billion on its whole building and operation ( Appraisal from the medium size airdrome that was built in Hyderabad late ) . Therefore there is a serious demand to see the investing cost has been done over there which can be anyplace from 80-100 billion Indian rupees. This research will seek to measure the discounting and urge whether this price reduction should be continued farther, even after confronting of the one-year loss of 100 crores from these parts. The determination of the research will assist AAI to reconsider there discounting of 25 % on the major watercourse of gross devising operation for the AAI. This will besides assist the authorities of India to salvage the valuable revenue enhancement remunerators money as they wo n’t hold to give subsidies to the loss devising operations. As per the Data proctor a company which tracks this industry presented the market value of the planetary airdrome service

Year $ billion % Growth

2004 76.6

2005 82.0 7.10 %

2006 90.8 10.70 %

2007 97.0 6.80 %

2008 99.5 2.60 %

CAGR, 2004-2008: 6.7 %

Beginning: Data Monitor

The undertaking gets farther importance sing that the universe is sing such a high growing and roar in this industry, so why that is the AAI is enduring the chronic losingss in some states.


The range of the undertaking will be towards the rating and of the bing pricing techniques and understanding how the bing pricing scheme does non convey adequate gross to cover the cost of the operations in these parts of the state. The cost construction will be analyzed and thereby the watercourse of gross will be evaluated. Re-evaluation of the cost construction and income watercourse is needed in the visible radiations of altering universe as the industry is more competitory. Independent personal research will be conducted as the assignment with the CFO of the AAI has been planned.


The aim of this paper is to look into the justification for the current pricing construction of the AAI in some of the parts of India and thereby supply a better discounting construction for these airdromes. It will assist to increase mine communicating accomplishments as I will be questioning the authorities functionaries who are much experience and will be a utile tool for me to understand the manner the trade with the jobs. It will besides assist me to construct the utile contacts in the industry as I had lost the touch since last 4 old ages from me go forthing the Air Sahara in 2006. It will besides give me an penetration into the pricing scheme of one of the most complex as it involves batch of factors to be taken into consideration and it is non every bit simple as fabrication. It combines the installations every bit good every bit service every bit good as supports the development of the metropolis and authorities demands as good. It will besides assist AAI to maintain there losingss down in these Region of operations.

Justification for the Undertaking:

In mine recent interview with the caput of the north eastern operation Mr. Singh he expressed a serious concern over the operation losingss for the airdromes in the north eastern part. “ Out of the 12 operation airdrome in the North eastern part merely 2 are runing on interruption even point, the remainder of the 10 airdrome are non doing any major gross, the depreciation of these airdrome are a affair of serious issue as the climatic status are gnawing the track quicker so what it takes in other portion of the country. ” The AAI operates on the policy of Build ain and operate ( BOA ) for the full airdrome in these state. The one-year losingss of Inr 100 crores per twelvemonth is non a little sing the fact that India is the 9th largest air power market in the universe. As per the recent publication in the datamonitor which is a taking concern information company specialising in industry and functioning the universe largest 5000 companies. As per the study the planetary airdrome service market generated entire gross of $ 99.5 billion in 2008, stand foring the CAGR of 6.7 % for the period crossing 2004-08. Therefore if we make the comparing with the Earth the Indian air power industry had seen a roar during this period of 10 old ages. India is the 9th largest air power market in the universe. The Indian Civil Aviation market grew at a compound one-year growing rate ( CAGR ) of 18 per centum, and was deserving US $ 5.6 billion in 2008. Airlines recorded a double-digit growing in air traffic in August 2009, harmonizing to informations released by the industry regulator Directorate General of Civil Aviation ( DGCA ) . A By 2020, Indian airdromes are expected to manage more than 100 million riders including 60 million domestic riders and around 3.4 million metric tons of lading per annum.

A Furthermore, important steps to impel growing in the civil air power sector are on the anvil. The authorities programs to put USD $ 9 billion to overhaul bing airdromes by 2010. The authorities is besides be aftering to develop around 300 fresh flight strips. The undertaking will assist the authorities to reexamine its price reduction and thereby avoid the unneeded losingss accruing since a long clip now from the north eastern part. It will be salvaging of the authorities financess which can be put into other baronial causes such as instruction and wellness attention. The research will besides assist and supply the footing for the existing monetary value construction and will make a base for the future research in the pricing scheme non merely in India, but for the remainder of the universe every bit good.

Research Methodology:

Sing the restriction of clip and the elaborate proficient cognition required for this industry, an adept sentiment panel was being called to reexamine the bing program of pricing scheme.

The squad consisted of the professional considered to be holding the expert in the air power industry. For the intent the variables that were considered included were the Parking clip growings in these locations, development of these parts in the recent old ages, Growth in figure of planes set downing and taking offs from these airdrome every twelvemonth. These variables were decided after the elaborate treatment with the proficient and the administrative panel of the expert squad. The proficient squad included Mr. Shah ( Retired Commercial pilot head of the Air India for its north east domestic line ) , Mr. Ramesh, ( Sahara Airlines Finance accountant ) and the main air power industry analyst for the ABN ambro investing arm in India.

Methodology of the Undertaking in probe of the Discounting construction and its justification:

Analysis and literature reappraisal of the pricing construction of the other airdromes and the airdromes in north eastern part:

The policies of the bing monetary value constructions and footings and conditions were being reviewed and analyzed, necessary research of the AAI web site and was being done to understand the chief watercourse of income and gross to the airdrome authorization of India. It was being understood under this procedure the pricing and charges of the AAI to its service operators.


( a ) Landing charges per individual landing

Weight of

Rate per landing — International Flight

Rate per Landing-



Other than Internationl flight

Upto 100 MT

Rs. 250.50 per Meitnerium

Rs. 187.90 per Meitnerium

Above 100 Meitneriums

Rs. 25,050/- + Rs 336.60 per MT in

Rs. 18,790/- + Rs 252.50 per Meitnerium

Beginning: AAI ( Airport Authority of India )

It was at this phase that AAI price reduction construction to the North eastern state came into image.

Personal Interview:

Finance officer of the AAI

The interview was being possible with mine close connexion in the industry and Mr. Raj agreed for the interview. He has worked at this station since AAI took over the direction and ownership of these airdromes in 1995. The interview was kept more unfastened ended and the respondent was given an chance maintain his point of position and thoughts. This was chiefly because of the broad scope and experiences hold by the respondents which can be of huge of import to take a new path of treatment and survey. The respondent was being asked about his position on the current one-year losingss by the AAI from its north eastern operation. The answering rapidly said that it is majorly as these airdromes are merely for the societal public assistance of the people. The topographic of these parts add up the cost in its operation as there is a serious issue of visibleness on these airdromes and they need ( VMC ) operation which increases the cost by farther 15 % to the normal operations. The depreciation cost of this airdrome besides plays the function which even though are non hard currency disbursals but are really incurred when there is a demand of fix and care. The officer besides recommended a serious demand of the authorities to rethink on the policy of 25 % decrease sing the high cost of operation in these airdromes. Necessary variable informations were being collected at this phase which can be used for the analysis and can be farther interpreted for altering the policies in the visible radiation of altering environment.

Chairman of the AAI:

Few simple unfastened ended inquiries were being asked in order to happen out the justification for the low pricing, the response was being rather and simple and consecutive forward from the president which merely explained and blamed it on the authorities for their policy with regard to the public assistance. The ground for such a policy was being asked as the demand of the undertaking which needed further account instead so merely the policy of the authorities. His position on the pricing construction was being that the countries have now rather developed of its ain and need a critical reappraisal.

Chairman sentiment was being taken for the current losingss in the north eastern state. The viability of the price reduction of 25 % on the major gross earner watercourse of income for the AAI was being asked. The president himself recommended for the reappraisal of the policy, he recommended and arranged for an interview with the Minister of air power Mr. Praful Patel to take this undertaking forward of pricing and discounting reappraisal in the visible radiation of increasing growing and reappraisal on the public assistance undertaking.

Operation section interview:

Interview was being arranged with the operation director of the north eastern part. In the interview he besides supplied some utile informations and operational informations which helped in informations synthesis and analysis. The positions of the operational director on the decreased monetary value construction were as follows

“ The decrease in the monetary value construction is the job for the airdromes, if we eliminate this, we can besides work as normal airdromes. ”

Justification of the usage of methodological analysis:

The finance officer ‘s personal interview was selected sing the fact of the low cognition with regard to the operational finance of this industry. The figure of hours of landing and the Parking was being evaluated. In order to see the whether the part still holds the justification of its price reduction it was being decided to compare its figure of landing and take off with that of the other airdrome non sing the price reduction. As we can understand the societal public assistance is with regard to advance the part development. Number of landing and take off besides provides a utile index for the continuance of the price reduction. The part needs to warrant for prolonging its moneymaking price reduction constructions on the charges. The president provided the penetration of the operational point of position and therefore we can acquire some of import country of farther research was identified. It besides helped to take the rating of the undertaking to the ministerial degree.

A comparing analysis was being made to analyse whether there is a demand of continuance of the discounting of 25 % on the beginnings of gross for this airdrome. Cochin airdrome was being selected as it is one of the really similar sort of developed metropolis of south India. If we compare the above information we can clearly see that that in all the sorts of gross watercourse of the airdrome, Agartala airdrome bases above the Cochin airdrome. These are besides an indicant of the economic activity in the part as the air conveyance is considered to be the costliest manner of conveyance and depicts that the country has good flow of watercourse of income to afford these services. Harmonizing to statistics available with AAI, the entire riders handled by north eastern airdromes touched 23.37 hundred thousand in 2007-08, up 25 per cent from 18.61 hundred thousand in the old twelvemonth. Harmonizing to the informations, entire rider handled by the north eastern airdromes has increased to 46.45 hundred thousands in 2008-09 hundred thousand which is about dual of 2007-08.

Therefore the no of set downing & A ; take off on the Agartala airdrome are higher so that of the Cochin airdrome. It is 40 % more so that of the Cochin airdrome. No of parking hours are besides 36 % more so that of the Cochin airdrome. These figures were taken into history so that they give us the penetration of the development of the air passages in this part. Agartala has been taken as the sample airdrome for all of the airdromes in the part.


The North eastern part airdromes, was considered to be a typical low income part of India and thereby was granted a 25 % decrease to the service operators in order to advance the air passages in the part. The airdromes have late faced immense losingss on the one-year footing since last 6 to 7 old ages sing the high cost of its operation due to its topographic status. There has been recommendation from the operation director of the north eastern part every bit good as there is clear informations grounds that the airdrome operations and developments are that of other semi urban countries. Companies like bluish dart and station India are all set to increase there operation in this part which will further increase the demand of the lading.


Sing the fact that the airdromes of the part from the above informations are runing like other airdromes and have strong demand from the consumers, the authorities needs to analyse its fees decrease construction to the service operators. The airdrome does non necessitate care of societal importance, as these airdromes are running good and even if these price reductions are non provided, the gross wo n’t be affected. The figure of rider has increased to 46.45 hundred thousand which is much higher as compared to the other airdromes which are besides transporting more or less same figure of riders. Thus it can be recommended that the bing 25 % decrease should be eliminated in order to cover up the high cost of operation in this part. This would non merely assist to extinguish the one-year losingss but will besides assist the authorities to do betterments in the bing substructure.

Impact of recommendation:

It should be understood that the bing price reduction construction to the service operators have helped to maintain the menus low in this country. The direct impact of the abolition of the decrease will be passed on to the concluding consumer in some or the other mode over a period of clip. The stockholders of the AAI will profit with this move as this would increase the gross to the airdrome combined with the addition demand and increased charges. The increased fund can thereby utilize to better the substructure of the airdrome. The Government cherished revenue enhancement remunerator ‘s money will be saved ; this is because the authorities does non necessitate to indemnify the one-year recurring losingss. It could besides take to a little sum of cut down service which can be increased by better substructure proviso for the operators. The net gross increased by the application of the abolition will be more as the service reduced by the operator will hold less fiscal impact so the high demand from the operators side which will necessitate to pay full charges.

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