Caring for Children Essay

As a societal worker. it is of import to follow all the statute laws which are in the field of children’s rights so that all kids can be safely looked after and treated with regard. The Children Act was introduced in 1989 and the Scottish kids act was introduced in 2004. This act was ab initio designed to guarantee that all local governments were doing equal proviso to back up immature kids. adolescents and their households. This act includes the support of kids with disablements when they are at the age of 18 and this comes under the NHS Community Care Act of 1990. In 1995 the Children Act was updated In Scotland with the same position that the kid is still the Centre of importance. The act updated the jurisprudence in Scotland related to looking after kids and immature people. ECM was introduced in 2003. It stands for Every Child Matters. This statute law considers the wellbeing of kids and immature people from births up to age of 19.

Five rules of this statute law use to every kid. whatever their background and circumstance is. All kids should be healthy. remain safe. enjoy and achieve. do a positive part and experience an economic wellbeing. All administrations working with kids and immature people must work together to protect kids from injury and assist them to accomplish their ends. Information will be gathered refering vulnerable groups so that support schemes can be put in topographic point. Children and immature people will be involved in the procedure of determination devising. The first Children’s Commissioner for the UK was appointed in the twelvemonth of 2005 to assist give kids and immature people some input into the authorities. The Young Persons and Children Act was introduced in 1933. It is an act that puts all the kids protection acts together so it comes under as one act. The intent of this act is to renovate the statutory model for the attention system in the UK and Wales.

This forms a section of the government’s programme to guarantee the kids the highest quality of attention and support. The Act provides services which are linked to children’s wellbeing and immature people’s wellbeing. private fosterage. child decease presentment to the Local Safeguarding Boards and suited national governments. the powers of the Secretary of State will carry on a research and applications for the discharge of Emergency Protection Orders. United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child was introduced in 1989. This Ac is an international understanding that considers the rights of all kids and immature people. It is made up of 54 articles covering a assortment of rights. including the right to be free from force. the right to play. the right to show themselves and have their positions taken into history.

This convention provides excess rights to guarantee that kids and immature people populating off from place and those who have disablements are treated reasonably and their specific demands are met. The Human Rights Act was introduced in 1998. It came into force in England and Wales in the twelvemonth 2000 and includes the European Convention on Human Rights into the national legislative model. This Act enables immature people. kids and grownups to look for protection of their rights both nationally and internationally via the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg. The Data Protection Act was introduced in 1998 and it prevents private information from being misusedþ

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