Corporate Governance Essay

Conduct a reappraisal of the administration of your administration ( or one with which you are familiar ) in the signifier of a study to the Chairman ( or President ) of the Governing Board of Directors. In the brief study use the constructs. tools and techniques learned in this topic to reexamine the construction. procedure and effectivity of the administration of the administration and do recommendations for appropriate betterments.

Executive sum-up

This study sets out to reexamine corporate administration at a private company. viz. . Paramount Insurance Company. The specific aims were to place the relevant codes the administration follows. why they are of import and reexamine the construction. procedure and effectivity of the administration of the administration. Throughout the study. it was apparent from the findings that Paramount although one time a successful administration. had some administration issues that can and should be improved for the best involvement of the company and its policyholders. Finally. several recommendations for betterment of the organisation’s administration were outlined.


Corporate Governance has evolved from the early yearss of merchandisers and monopolizers and the construct of corporate administration is every bit old as trade but the phrase is new. ( Tricker 2011 ) . At its simplest. corporate administration can be regarded as being ‘about advancing corporate equity. transparence and accountability’ ( Wolfensohn 1999 ) . All corporate entities need regulating nevertheless. good corporate administration that takes into consideration a assortment of models. including assorted positions such as the relationship. stakeholder. fiscal. and social. This study will reexamine the corporate administration policies of Paramount Insurance Company Limited ( “Paramount” ) . First I will provide an overview on the company’s profile and define corporate. Then the study will look at the composing and standards for the Board of Directors of Paramount and show any corporate administration issues that the company may be confronting. Finally recommendations are given for alterations or betterments in the company’s patterns relevant to this concern.

Company profile

Paramount was an insurance investment banker preponderantly composing motor concern for persons in the United Kingdom. Based in Watford. Paramount Insurance Company Limited ( “Paramount” ) wrote motor insurance over a period of around 40 nine old ages until May 19 90 six when it ceased subventioning. Initially. the company chiefly provided motor bundle insurance. that subsequently expanded into besides composing some legal disbursals screen. Paramount was incorporated in Guyana and hence the company complied with the Insurance Act 1998 and the Companies Act 1998 of Guyana.

These Acts of the Apostless provided a usher to Paramount along with the Guyana Corporate Governance Code ( GCGC ) to some of its corporate administration patterns. The Corporate Governance Code of Guyana is non compulsory or enforceable but merely provides a list of rules for best pattern. Throughout this study. it is apparent that Paramount has a figure of issues in relation to corporate administration. This eventuated with issues for policyholders as was estimated that there may be 40. 000 current policies at the clip of the probationary settlement. Definition of corporate administration

The term “governance” is derived from the Latin “gubernare” which means “to lead” . proposing instead that “the governance” ( Corporate. in this instance ) implies more the maneuvering map than the control one. BALC et Al. ( 2013. pp. 14-17 ) . Corporate administration has many definitions as it is frequently used in a assortment of positions. operational. relationship. stakeholder. societal. and a fiscal economic sciences position. For the intent of this study. corporate administration is defined as the relationship that exists between company direction. stakeholders and the board.

Aims of the company are normally set. attained and monitored through the construction corporate administration provides. ( Balgobin 2008 ) . The Guyana Corporate Code of Governance is similar to the UK codifications of corporate administration and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development ( OECD 2004 ) . These rules serve as a mention point that can be used by companies to develop their ain models for corporate administration that reflect their ain fortunes or state of affairss.

Composition and standards at Paramount
The Chairman and the Chief Executive Officer

There is extended research on board composing and the importance it places on different facets of administration public presentation. ( Kang H. et Al 2007 ) . At Paramount the unitary board exists. where harmonizing to the text edition. a unitary board is when a company has a individual government organic structure ( Tricker 2009 ) . A non- executive manager is defined as a individual who is non involved in the twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours direction of an administration but instead in concern undertakings such as strategic planning. and monitoring of executive managers. An executive manager tends to be more involved in the managerial facets of the company. The Chairman and four other managers are independent non-executives. and the CEO and one manager are non- executives.

Diversity of board members

A diverse board is defined as a varied composing of a figure of parametric quantities for illustration. gender and age. ( Jhunjhunwala. S et Al. 2012 ) . It is frequently believed that adult females conveying a slightly different attack to leading in an administration. They are seen as better at edifice relationships. are perceptive in decision-making. etc. ( Hughes et al 2012 ) . Paramount’s board consists of one female executive manager. Ann Estorffe. out of its eight members. She antecedently worked for one of the company’s subordinates in the Caribbean and therefore was deemed fit because of her experience. cognition and competence on insurance and policymaking. In add-on. there are no immature managers on the board. Harmonizing to the Company Secretary. all of the board members are in surplus of 60 five old ages of age. This is good above the retirement age outlined by the company. which is 60 old ages. Some in the company may reason that it is hazardous to hold appointed younger persons on the board as they lack the experience that comes with age and they are higher hazard takers.

However. surveies have shown that diverse boards may assist in explicating schemes. bettering productiveness and originative job resolution. ( Jhunhunwala & A ; Mishra 2012 ) . Appointment to the board and subcommittees Tricker et al. 2009 makes mention to two grounds why unitary boards create subcommittees: To enable independent managers to run into individually from the board as a whole. in order to carry through their inadvertences functions ; To depute board activities to cut down the load on the boards as a whole. All the managers are capable to re-election by policyholders every three old ages but this system is fraught with ineffectualness to implicit force per unit area to re-elect the current managers. Paramount had several subcommittees dwelling of the audit. wage. nomination. selling. authorities and conformity commission. finance. and strategic planning subcommittees. This study specifically will be sketching the three commissions. which are responsible for supplying inadvertence to direction. These are Audit. wage and nomination commissions. ( Tricker 2009 )

It is the feeling of the Board that this power resides with them as they can take the best individual for the commission. In other words. some still feel that the right to name board members is the bosom of corporate power. ( Tricker 2009 ) . Paramount’s audit commission considered and made recommendations to the board on regulations. corporate administration codifications. and the jurisprudence. This commission besides assists the company to follow with relevant accounting criterions and statute law. Hence. this requires a company to hold effectual internal audit maps to pull off the monies entrusted on them. The effectivity of the audit is reflected in one-year studies. with the purpose to make transparence aimed at bettering accounting and auditing criterions and advancing good corporate administration. The Remuneration Committee of Paramount consisted of two independent nonexecutive managers and one chair.

This commission is responsible for puting wage for all executives and the president nevertheless ; it is the board or the policyholders that determine the wage of non-executive managers. ( Guyana corporate administration codification 2011 ) It is said that the wage commission is where in involvement of the stockholders conflict with that of direction. ( Carson 2002 ) . The sum of wage received by managers and president are disclosed in the company’s one-year studies In add-on. this monitoring ensures that when net incomes are low. director’s wage can be adjusted and the issue of incentive payments. Directors of Paramount were non viewed as self-seeking and were viewed as effectual in this facet of corporate administration.

Board public presentation rating

One of the rules of Guyana codification on corporate administration provinces that a board should hold an one-year rating of its ain public presentation. its commissions and single managers. In add-on. every three old ages this rating should be externally facilitated. This rule aligns with the UK corporate administration codification. Surveies have suggested that corporate administration markers such as the utilizations of sub-committees. independent managers. and an appropriate board construction may non be the best predictors of board effectivity. ( Tricker 2009 ) In other words. a signifier of public presentation assessment for managers may guarantee they act in the best involvement of the company and of the stockholders. Performance assessments give feedback to persons and facilitate alterations or betterments. ( Noe et al 2009 ) .

Corporate societal duty ( CSR ) in kernel can be defined as corporate entities moving every bit good citizens non apparent within Paramount. UK Companies Act 2006 highlighted that quoted companies have to supply information on environmental affairs. employees and societal and community issues. Early attitudes towards corporate administration were a voluntary bureaucratic. expensive box-ticking exercising. Board members focused presenting on making wealth non following with rules. The altering outlooks in the administration of administrations saw CSR schemes and policies developed. along with CSR competence models created to increase stockholder value.


This study has given an history on corporate administration of a concern in the private sector. viz. the Paramount Company. The probe foremost set out to discourse the Torahs and corporate administration codes the company complies with and so reexamine the administration in the administration. The research suggested that administrations should hold adapted to rules of corporate administration. nevertheless. These included the deficiency of a nomination commission. and an inactive public presentation rating board and the development of a ccorporate societal duty model. It was besides evident that the re-election of managers was uneffective and that retirement age seems non to use to board members. This may be due to miss of proper sequence planning or to the belief that people like similar minded people and in this instance age was a commonalty.

If the above mentioned countries of chances were addressed before could this hold prevented the result? That result being on the 20 foremost of May in the twelvemonth 19 90 six the Department of Trade and Industry withdrew mandate for Paramount to compose new insurance concern. and avoid holding the managers of Paramount petitioning the tribunal to weave the company up. The paper concludes that for excessively long accent of corporate administration has been around the relationship between directors. boards and stockholders and non so much on how corporations are financed and managed. There needs to be a multiple theoretical positions employed to let for a better apprehension of issues like allotment of resources and return and overall economic development.


Based on the study. there were a figure of attacks that could hold been actioned to better administration at Paramount. First. the administration needed to encompass diverseness. the recognition that people are different and tackling this diverseness would hold provided great benefit to Paramount. Promoting the wellness. wellbeing and sentiments of staff. promotes persons being valued. Fitness plans supported by the company with sole rank offers is an illustration of constructing a stay and thrive civilization. This can be achieved through just and crystalline employment patterns. on a regular basis communicated to employees. Second. to extinguish the subjectiveness of put uping board members and besides the complacence.

Developing a nomination commission dwelling of independent nonexecutive managers. will assist to set up standards for choice of board members. which will assist to guarantee managers chosen. are genuinely independent to lend efficaciously to the board. to cut down the opportunities of a dominant manager. Third. Paramount should hold developed a system to let for the anon. re-election of board members by non merely outside policyholders but besides inside policyholders e. g. employees every bit good. Fourthly to help with CSR duties and committedness a corporate policy statement can be generated. concentrating on the six nucleus features of ;

Understanding society
Building capacity
Questioning ‘business as usual’
Stakeholder dealingss
Strategic position
Harnessing diverseness

Swire Pacific Ltd. developed a decentralized attack to bring forth its Sustainable Development Policy and appointed Director of Sustainable Development. Robert Gibson. in 2007. The purpose was to make a long term attack to the sustainable development of their concerns and excel as corporate citizens. Finally. public presentation rating of board members is of import to find their effectivity. Paramount took the enterprise to organize a sub-committee for this procedure nevertheless ; it remained inactive for a figure of old ages. This is an imperative map for a company to set up such a commission to see existent long-run alteration and benefits in the administration of the administration. Feedback on public presentation is critical for a board to better any dysfunctional behavior.

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