Examine The Role Of The Mental Health Nurse Social Work Essay

Within this essay the writers aim is to research the challenges and chances of incorporating the Ten Essential Shared Capabilities ( ESC ) into the twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours running of mental wellness pattern. The writer will besides take into history Valuess Based Practice, Recovery, Interpersonal Relationships and Service User and Carer engagement.

Aswell as the 10 ESC there are a set of values which all mental wellness staff should follow. They are the Valuess Based Practice and it is about being cognizant of, and looking in a positive and respectful mode at peoples differences, beliefs and values irrespective of position for illustration service user, carer, household or co-workers.

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( Coyte et al. 2007 ) There are 10 points to good values based pattern which staff should adhere to. They are broken down into the followers:

Valuess Based Practice and Evidence Based Practice: The “ screaky wheel ” principal ( values merely noticed if debatable ) , The “ two pess ” principal ( evidence-based and values-based pattern ) .

Practice Skills: Awareness, Knowledge, Reasoning and Communication

Models of Service Delivery: Multi-disciplinary, User Centred

Partnership: Service User and the Carer working in partnership in determination devising.

The four chief Practice Skills in values-based pattern are besides outstanding in many if non all of the 10 ESC, all of which are required in constructing a on the job curative relationship between service user and staff.

Interpersonal relationships between service users and staff are really different from societal relationships in that these relationships are built up on the same rules of regard, trust, good communicating and apprehension, but the service user, nurse relationship should be a curative and helpful relationship instead than a societal one ( Guimon 2003 ) . This relationship is indispensable in guaranting that there is a supportive and solid path of recovery established.

Everyone has a different position on what recovery is and no 1 persons journey is the same as another. Recovery is all about ab initio holding a belief that things can and will alter. Some people may desire a complete alteration in the manner they live while others may desire to return to how they lived before. Supporting recovery is all about helping the individual to populate as fulfilling and positive life as possible, affecting the service user and their carer and back uping them to take control of their ain recovery ( Scots Recovery Network 2007 ) .

The writer feels that the expertness to the mental wellness issues are the service user, carer and their household support construction and that this is a positive path onto their journey of recovery. The chief issue that staff could come across may be if the service user does non hold any of the support construction that comes from a web of household, friends and professionals or if the service user themselves does non desire to affect any of the above support.

This is where staff and the MDT ( Multi-Disciplinary Team ) may hold to offer other methods or ways to back up the service user on their recovery journey. Ideally, acquiring the service user and carer involved, by doing certain that they are involved in all determination doing refering intervention would enable them to take more control of their attention and intervention. However this can be disputing in that when seeking to happen a balance and working out what is holistically best for the service user conflicting thoughts may come out, but by set uping a curative relationship between the service user and staff this should assist with any trust issues and enabling a better apprehension and guaranting that there is a favorable result that can be agreed upon.

The 10 Essential Shared Capabilities ( ESC ) are:

Working in Partnership

Respecting Diverseness

Rehearsing Ethically

Challenging Inequality

Promoting Recovery

Identifying Peoples Needs and Strengths

Supplying Service User Centred Care

Making a Difference

Promoting Safety and Positive Risk Taking

Personal Development and Learning

Working in partnership is all about constructing up a relationship with the service user, their household, carers and any outside services that are required to be involved in the attention of the individual. ( Barker 2009 ) Staff should offer support and authorise the individual to enable them to hold an active function in commanding their ain intervention and attention, with all facets of their attention being taken into history. Making certain that the whole partnership are cognizant of the information and advice that is available to them to enable an informed pick sing the most suited attention is made available.

Although, working in partnership sounds good in theory, all involved in the partnership are required to set in the work to guarantee that it works successfully. The staff can offer services for both service user and carers but they may non hold or desire to go to. If this happens so something demands to be put in topographic point which would profit all parties and that they all agree on, if any of the party do non desire to go to or take notice of services provided so this is their pick and confirms their ability to take.

When esteeming diverseness it is to hold an apprehension of person ‘s values, race, gender, age, mental wellness, faith and physical province. Staff need to guarantee that everyone in their attention are treated to proper attention, intervention and support besides that they are treated with self-respect and regard no affair what their personal fortunes or cultural values country ( Stickley and Basset 2008 ) .

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