Examining The Issues Concerning Muslims And Drugs Theology Religion Essay

We are a late formed bureau called Drug 3 which runs under the umbrella of FMO ( Federation of Muslim Organisations ) which deals with a broad scope of issues refering Muslims, and one of them is the drug/alcohol abuse. A few of us got together with the concern that this needs to be addressed otherwise their will be desperate effects if this carried on and cipher took any action. We formed a group dwelling of male and female workers, numbering 8 workers. Our primary concern was to raise consciousness of drug abuse in the Muslim community. Our client group would be chiefly aiming the Muslim community but welcome for other members of the religion group besides. Work with all ages, male and female to seek and understate the hazard by utilizing drug and intoxicant.

Although there are the mainstream services, this service would be tailor made to accommodate the client in footings of cultural, spiritual and traditional values taken into consideration. A Moslem drug worker would hold a greater apprehension than a non Muslim so this would do it easier for the client to associate issues that would likely be a barrier in the mainstream administrations. The frights of being found out by other users have prevented users from accessing these services. The spiritual and cultural issues would be in topographic point. Our precedence would be confidentiality, this had to be truly emphasised because this is one of the major drawbacks clients would experience. At times we would make outreach to those who would still experience hesitating about coming in to the bureau, so hence would see clients in their ain places.

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Offer support and advice to household members to cut down injury and hazard minimization.

The community has turned a blind oculus to this for a long clip, tried to brush it under the rug believing it would work out itself, or that it was non a job because it was non go oning on their doorsill, some seniors I spoke to even say that, it serves them right for even taking that way. I felt that was a incorrect attitude and attack, they had no thought why a individual took the drugs in the first topographic point before doing comments like this. Very narrow mindedness I thought. At least if they cant contribute, the least they can make is non to knock and indicate fingers, and prevent others from making this work, no affair how little the capacity they start in.

There was a certain perceptual experience and misgiving of the governments which made it hard to turn to them for aid, many yesteryear users said the fright of societal shame was a barrier ; this kept them isolated and the attitudes of the seniors in the community. One individual was asked if that was the instance in his household what he would make. He replied, I would direct him abroad to his native state, little did he cognize that drugs were more readily available over at that place. The job merely becomes concealed and difficult to understand how large the job is.

Our function was to convey this out in the unfastened, there was a inquiry of trust and we ensured that would be in topographic point and to do the community aware that services would be available for nuts and their households. There were excessively many users stealing thorough the net or radio detection and ranging, and traveling under. This was a large concern for many of the people that gave response.

In Muslim communities any jobs, troubles, determinations must be made within the household instead than outside. They like to maintain things stillness for the fright of others happening out or revelations of personal nature.

Moslems are besides discouraged from unwraping personal or familial troubles outside the household. Because household constructions are normally hierarchal and mutualist, members of the household must see benefits to the household and larger community before doing most determinations. Liu William Ming, p635-642.

One of the grounds why users can non turn to household foremost is because of the negative reaction they would acquire from them. Slowly the communicating spread additions till there is no communicating left. This leads to farther isolation for the person. The household of class are concerned and worried about the users good being and seek many things to relieve the jobs, a batch is done in secretiveness every bit much as possible. At times they will even tease and to some extent disown the user from the household.

A figure of parents who I know closely and those I have association with, heard similar narratives, one kid ‘s parents had had so much grudge from their boy, that they took the determination to direct him to an Islamic embarkation school at a immature age. When they saw marks of their kid taking astray, Alternatively of understanding his positions, listening to his grounds. I spoke to that child, he says that his parents were rigorous and used a really rough subject method.

This might hold been acceptable in the parents turning up, but surely ca n’t make that here populating in an unfastened society. They were so behind times, which is how he felt. The government in the boarding school was even terrible and they thought that might break him, but it made it worse. He ran off twosome of times because of the regimental and rigorous regulations ; he said it was like prison.

I can associate to this peculiar individual, because I was sent to a boarding school at the age of 12, and know that, this school is non a topographic point for parents to merely dump their childs if they got out of control or misbehaved. This was non the solution. This child felt he was non wanted at place and he was a load to his household and merely nil but problem. This left a tarnished image in his bosom and disdain towards his household, that they merely abandoned him instead than demoing him love and care, which he says was what he needed.

Myself, I come from a household background of Imams, leaders and instructors in madrasah. My male parent is a high priest in the community ; hence I was easy able to mix with that fraternity in the community due to acknowledgment and connexion. It ‘s difficult for an mean Moslem to be tie ining with the hierarchy of this kind because there is a barrier, hence non easy accessible and can non turn to them for aid or counsel. They seem to see themselves as elite and merely blend in circles similar to their position. I noticed this as I was turning up ; they commanded regard from the community beneath them. They were looked at with great regard and high ethical motives. You could non merely attack and talk with them as a normal mean individual.

A spot similar possibly to a male parent in a church where he was regarded as the authorization in this field, as a spiritual leader and would perchance hold the replies to everything, even the societal jobs. How could they know first manus apart from carers of users nearing to them with their sad narratives, if they have ne’er associated, sat in circles or communicated with those users to their degree? They give talks and discourses about drugs and intoxicant, but candidly speaking, none of them has any kind of preparation in this field.

They talk about devastation and harm that it brings, what they see in the surface and narratives that have been related to them. No in deepness cognition of dependence or how to handle it. They will order certain undertakings or ends such as coming to the mosque or possibly affecting in some community based activity, which the general populace can accomplish, but impossible for the nut because of many issues such as ; mental wellness, socializing with the mainstream mosque departers, fright of being embarrassed with remarks from others, looked down upon and many more. My ain experience of this is huge, because of my ain journey, but I have heard similar narratives.

We need this kind of service, so that the client can acquire counselling and other support, at the same clip experience comfy and at easiness by making so in an environment which would understand its spiritual demands besides. We did acquire a batch of feedback by discoursing with the general populace and felt we were ready in doing some kind of a start.

Sometimes many users feel that if a counselor or a drug worker is non a Muslim, so it would be really hard to do him understand or truly sympathize with a user who is Muslim without to the full understanding the spiritual philosophies lay down in Bibles and guidelines that are at that place to get the better of these issues. The stigma and favoritism sing substance abuse exists in all societies, but it ‘s much more emphatic in Muslim civilizations because of the spiritual philosophies in relation to substance related patterns. We need this kind of service, so that the client can acquire counselling and other support, at the same clip experience comfy and at easiness by making so in an environment which would understand its spiritual demands besides. We did acquire a batch of feedback by discoursing with the general populace and felt we were ready in doing some kind of a start.


We asked some users how and why they started, largely were 2nd and 3rd coevals. One professional Bangladeshi stated that that he started utilizing as a adolescent due to force per unit areas at place and mosque. His household had excessively high outlooks from him because bulk in his household were professionals. He was pressured into analyzing difficult no affair what. Himself he knew he was non capable, merely in ulterior phase of his life did he make surveies.

He besides mentioned that it was the consequence of the British nine civilization and nil to make with cultural or spiritual background, it was society in general. Drugs were easy to come by and besides inexpensive, but he says it ‘s catching up on him now ; he is no longer in control of his usage. If he carries on he would stop up dead. His household had given up on him old ages ago. Disowned him because he broke all the boundaries within the civilization and tradition and rebelled against them. He blames his household for his usage, if he was allowed to make what he chose to make in footings of calling instead than his households ‘ sentiments, and so possibly things would hold turned out otherwise. The huge force per unit area he faced, he wanted flight from this so in bend drugs were the first-class manner out for him.

If his household had been supportive to his wants and ends, more understanding and openness would hold made a more positive consequence for him. The minute things were gyrating out of control, alternatively of back uping him through dependence, to salvage their face and regard they disowned him. He wanted aid but did non cognize how he could perchance acquire that from the community. He decidedly did non desire to travel to LCPT or something similar at that phase. His chief fright was people in the community would non understand him ; instead they would turn against him and fault him. There was excessively much negativeness in people ‘s head that had to be seen foremost. Merely if everyone from parents to leaders took a positive attack this might see some alterations.

Another individual we spoke was stating that some parts of Highfields were so bad in the eventide that that is was like a no spell zone for households because it turns into drug lairs for traders. This peculiar individual was a convicted drug trader. Initially he came into the drug scene at a immature age from 14. For him it was merely experimenting. His household did n’t pay excessively much attending to his instruction because they thought he would of course look after their ain concern as he grew up. He did acquire force per unit area from place but non so much, they thought this was the norm, and shortly would maturate and turn out of it.

Did they little know the badness of dependence and neither did he, he started covering and doing about 5,000 lbs a twenty-four hours. I asked him why he would make this when the community wholly condemns this and the positions they have on drugs. He merely said ; I ‘m merely a trader and doing a life like remainder of people and back uping myself. I do n’t experience any different to other traders, its merely concern. I asked how he feels that he was destroying hundred of people ‘s lives. He said he was n’t, he was non acquiring them hooked, and they are already addicted before they come to him.

Besides asked what the effects would be in the long term and with the jurisprudence, he merely said, if I go to imprison or acquire changeable, so person else would take my topographic point, it would n’t halt, there is a large demand. I have reached a point where I do n’t make the existent merchandising no more, I have my ( smugglers ) leg work forces making that material, and I merely oversee everything. Last he said that it was acquiring out of control and this will acquire worse and severe for British Muslims for coevalss to come if this was non tackled Oklahoman. He has reached a phase where this is the lone manner he knows how to do money. He ca n’t acquire a occupation because of his condemnable record ; he wished things were different right from the beginning. His household no longer there or bothered about him or what he does. He would desire things to be different spot does non cognize how to, or where to get down.

This was merely the surface we touched, there were many upseting and disking narratives we heard the more we talked with people. Everyone had a narrative to portion ; the common grounds were because of household force per unit area, deficiency of apprehension, communicating spread, regard, household name and faith. If the community did non accept the job or reference this, so serious effects would hold to be faced.

Remarks like this put others who try difficult in doing a difference, lose hope and motive to transport on this work. There were many others with the similar attitudes and could non careless about all this, this made the enthusiasm of others cut down.

They could either maintain quite or fall in the attempt, no demand for unfavorable judgment. On the wireless we had tonss of negative remarks, such as ; we were in this for money, or doing this into a concern or net income. There already are services that provide this, why could they non merely travel at that place? Sometimes it felt like speaking to a brick wall. We did experience a batch of people shuting the doors and at times wondered whether if this attempt would turn out any consequences.

Thankfully there were many that gave us hope and inspiration to transport on, they would back up us but wanted to cognize how they could be of aid and make things otherwise. The president of the administration had powerful connexions and was really unfastened and receptive to new thoughts and methods. We had to set a batch of accent on altering the perceptual experience of current positions and thoughts. Not turning a blind oculus to user ‘s, but welcoming them back into society, unfastened treatment where there would be no barrier or position, that I am so and so of the community so I need particular intervention.

Constructing more Bridgess and contracting spreads with parents and kids, so their first port of call in times of problem would be their parents or close household, instead than turning to friends who are already involved in drugs. If the seniors keep pretermiting their responsibilities as parents and responsible people, the incrimination can besides lie with them for non taking involvement or seeking for the right instruction and attack to undertake this. There was truly no structured attack or way people would take apart from whatever they thought best would work.

The instructors in madrasa ‘s and imaums could play an of import portion in this. They could take the myths and stigmas that were attached to substance abuse and convey that to the multitudes in their fold, instead than small snippings here and at that place. Use a more softer and elusive linguistic communication in their discourses and talks so that those involved would experience invited towards recovery alternatively of rough negotiations and concentrating on the benefits of going drug free and the advantages.

Even in madrasa ‘s the instructors could be utilizing a friendly attitude where pupils would experience relaxed in speaking with their coachs about any concerns whatsoever they have, this can be the instance if they can non turn to parents for many figure of grounds. This is the current phase we are in the advancement of making ; we have done seminars and given negotiations foregrounding the issues.

Reding and psychotherapeutics can be combined with an Islamic ethos, it would be nil different to the methods applied in CBT or MI, the major factor would be that we would see it, taking into consideration how the cultural and spiritual philosophies that might make a negative mentality that might forestall a user accessing these and get the better of this. One manner was to contradict the rough positions and utilize a much softer and pacify attack which is wholly acceptable in this delicate and sensitive issue.

Besides the major benefit we had was that all the workers from top to bottom would be Muslims, male and female. Many females would prefer speaking with a female Muslim counselor instead than a male one, so that would be in topographic point. We besides were cognizant that many user ‘s would be hesitating in coming to the administration premises for the fright of people recognizing them, judging them or being noticed coming in or traveling out.

In order to undertake this we gave confidences about confidentiality, despite this some were still loath and still hesitant. To travel this a spot frontward, we thought, we should make outreach, travel to the clients instead than them coming to us. This proved positive in some facets and gave out the message that we will do attempts to see clients in their ain places, if they were happy with that, and presented no issue with them, but besides taking into consideration the boundary issues and hazard factors and appraisal before all this.

Another barrier was how the clients would acquire in touch with the administration without giving excessively much information. So we setup an on-line referral signifier, this could be used without giving full inside informations so that those who entree them do non truly place the individual. This was how serious the clients would desire to protect their individuality. They could utilize alias names, a spot about what their issue was, and to go forth a figure for us which we could follow up.


Making the existent work was the biggest undertaking, non with the clients, the clients were really good to work with, and it was their carers that posed troubles. Some were really steadfast and steadfast in their negative strong beliefs which were ingrained in them from a really long clip and were difficult to alter. This was non the instance with merely the seniors but besides the new 2nd and 3rd coevals of people. The clients would handle us as a life line, they were fantastic and really low and at a really low clip in their life. Sing them in this manner made me desire to make more and more for them, but at times I felt helpless because of boundaries and there was merely so much I can make.

After so many publicities by word of mouth literature wireless etc. We started acquiring clients from assorted backgrounds and many different dependences besides runing from all ages. We heard narratives from the user ‘s households such as ; we have tried everything and nil has worked so far, and we were their last hope.

This was a spot hard to take in because, they had thought we had some sort of charming wand, that we would beckon and the job would travel off. They thought we would hold replies to all their inquiries, this is some of the clients am speaking about non all. After all the difficult work relaying our message through the wireless etc, those users need support, apprehension, empathy, hearing, being non judgemental and many other accomplishments.

The critical support from the user ‘s household and the fact that non sideline or eschewing the user. We made so much attempt seeking to acquire the negative issues out of dependence and people ‘s perceptual experience towards it ; some people still did non understand or acquire it through their heads.

This was the most hard and difficult to understand, after so many shows people still fell back to the same old positions. Of class no 1 expected this to alter nightlong but at least do attempts to seek and understand dependence and guidance. It seemed they still have deep rooted beliefs and strong moralss, which were difficult to alter because it had been instilled in them so profoundly.

This would hold negative impact on intervention and recovery. The client would be scared, confused at times feel incapacitated and coerced into seeing us, he would experience he had no option, if he did non entree intervention so they would utilize drastic steps such as throw him out of the house or dainty him in harsh mode and put conditions that would hold to be met.

Some usage to state, if he used once more after he met with us, so we would take the above actions no affair how much we explained to them that it was non every bit easy as that. Besides informing them of oversight and rhenium oversights. They were merely non holding any of it and this proved to be a challenge for us and the client. The households of the user would hold high outlooks from us, and when we suggested decrease schemes or that it would take clip and understanding before these alterations can happen, I was viewed as if I was recommending usage, instead than halting it.

Once when I told the client ‘s household, with consent of class that the client does hold that he has a job and wants to alter his habit-forming behavior and that he would seek his best to get down cut downing. They turned unit of ammunition and told me that it was brainsick and that was non a sensible and acceptable reply. I realised this was non traveling to be no easy undertaking and many client ‘s close household portrayed that sort of behavior.

Family back up played a really of import factor towards recovery and here, we were non acquiring so much of it. In the early phases they would hold to the support that would be needed but along the manner this would all alteration. And many times they would hold whilst we were their, merely for the interest of it. From the minute we leave or see the client once more, the response would alter. The household would get down all the negative positions once more and the client would experience all entirely and even worse than earlier.

Another major factor was dependence. The client started depending on us excessively much, non merely reding but for everything. They expected us to make all there other issues such as ; travel with them to the GP or infirmary, other signifier make fulling etc, they got the feeling I was their societal worker or any other sort of worker apart from merely being a counselor.

I expressed this many times indirectly so they would understand in a more elusive mode, but they kept being relentless, the household would non assist or step in merely go forth the client with me believing it was my undertaking to make everything and alleviation to them. I would experience sorry for the client and at times felt inclined to make certain things out of understanding for the client.

By making this I felt I was non making my occupation decently. In the early phases it was great visual perception and run intoing new clients, measuring and mentioning them, I felt I was doing a difference to person ‘s life. Change they ne’er experienced before or the services we provided. They perfectly loved it and ever praised us ; this gave me more motive and encouragement to make more, over clip their outlooks grew more and more.

The work itself was really honoring at the same clip disputing. A batch of old ideas were profoundly held in clients and their households. There was tonss of NATs which we had to turn to. In the initial phases of run intoing new clients, they were really wary and unsure. One client I remember was really closed in the beginning ; he put a barrier and non attempts to unwrap much. Having explained in each session about confidentiality and trust. Because of past experiences he did experience about non opening up. Slowly things began to develop.

Bing non judgemental and explicating how the Muslim community judged persons and their perceptual experience of regard. Over clip I easy removed these barriers by speaking about how this can impact negatively to a user ‘s advancement. That ‘s all they had from there household and idea we would be the same, over clip they gained my assurance, I built that resonance with him that he would unwrap perfectly everything with me. This was more or less same with other clients.

The rough positions people had about user ‘s that ‘s what prevented these clients in accessing intervention. I showed a batch of empathy and unconditioned positive respect, the fact that I went through a similar stage in my life made me more empathetic and sound even more echt because I was passionate and did the work with full committedness and from my bosom, this made it more rewarding beneficial.

I listened really attentively to each person ‘s narrative, how they started, why they started what obstructions and barriers they faced in their journey through dependence. For them it was a first clip person truly took any notice of them and earnestly listened to their sufferings and sorrows, they felt a load off their chest each clip I visited them. I received many regards over clip, from them every bit good as their households.

Because of the sensitiveness of this forbidden issue, the user ‘s themselves felt abashed and ashamed to speak about at that place usage. They felt somehow in denial, and non accepting that they had a job. I gave reassurances that it was all right to acknowledge and accept their dependence. By naming it an unwellness or disease, this it made it more acceptable to them and travel frontward with this political orientation. Due to the stigma and stereotyped attitudes of the society, this had an impact on the users in footings of belief. They started believing all the negatives that were portrayed about dependences.

They felt they deserved to be in this state of affairs, they were the trash of the society, no 1 bothered with them, feelings of ego guilt and ineptitude crept in. We tried to open this up more and instil that drugs did non know apart. It could go on to anyone and anyplace irrespective of coloring material, religion or credo. They should non fault entirely themselves for their dependences. Once they started accepting this, they were able to travel frontward and ready and willing to do alterations.

Another portion we needed to undertake was educating the community in their multitudes, wireless was a good medium but we could merely utilize that one time a twelvemonth for a figure of grounds. We had to acquire the instructors in Mosques involved, this manner we could raise awareness, educate them and authorise them with cognition and basic advice about substance abuse. They can so inform and educate the 1000s of students in their madrasa ‘s who attend from a really immature age till the age of 16. It would enable the students to acquire some understanding about drugs and intoxicant and speak about it with friends, parents, instructors etc. If they knew the injuries from a immature age they can so do informed picks in their hereafter. We delivered a little programme in one of the madrasa ‘s. It went really good ; the students were really acute and eager to larn and showed great involvements and the chance to inquire many inquiries. This was all portion of understating injury and hazard schemes in their lives.

Try and underscore that autocratic behavior would non work in, because it would turn out trouble in digesting uncertainness and ambiguity. We are advancing more unfastened mindedness and flexibleness, this would enable them to analyze their belief system and to measure and analyze new information and methods.

We still have a long route in front of us, this was merely a start. Of class there are things that can keep us back, something that are non in our control. Some people see us as really Eurocentric ; in fact our services are really culturally sensitive combined method that really supports it. We will seek and heighten this in future, there is nil new in what we are making, and it ‘s the manner we are making it. We are seeking to contradict some of the old cultural positions that are held profoundly in society that do non look productive, and expose a more positive and proved manner frontward.

My male parent was a long standing Imam in the community, over the old ages of my dependence he held the same rough positions as the general society. Now over the old ages after seeing me go through all the agony and barriers, his positions have changed dramatically from what he has seen through me and his ain personal first manus experience.

I believe this alteration can go on throughout the communities, if they absorbed the information we deliver with unfastened mindedness and without being judgemental and critical. This will take clip and attempt from everyone, but finally we will acquire at that place. Hopefully this will alter people ‘s attitudes and positions about users over clip and will enable everyone to entree drug and intoxicant services in the hereafter without the fright of being shamed and embarrassed and non acquiring aid. Ultimately ensuing in intervention at an early age and cut down the long term enduring for households and their carers and hopefully more success narratives.

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