Group Work In Inter Professional Practice Social Work Essay

In this assignment I will discourse my acquisition in relation to a group undertaking that involves group theories, and how this relates to my old experience and how this has informed my hereafter pattern. Katzenbach and Smith ( 2003 ) have described that an effectual squad comprises of little amount of people who have accomplishments that are complimentary to one another and are motivated to accomplish a common end.

In the first meeting in our group we were given a little undertaking to assist us believe about our ain and each other ‘s functions and personalities. It was an interesting undertaking as it was wholly fabricated and yet we undertook it with great enthusiasm. It was an insightful first session that indicated that I would necessitate to be cognizant of my ain individuality in a group puting. It showed that another individual and I in the group both were emergent leaders ( Forsyth, 2009 ) . Emergent leaders are those born out of state of affairss, whereby their personality type of course fits to that of a leader. It was built-in to bear this in head as it could potentially do issues within the group and have negative effects taking to a negative result for the presentation and the remainder of the group.

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The following meeting as a whole group was positive ; everyone wanted the undertaking to be smooth and successful. Meeting others I had ne’er worked with or met before was a alone experience. It made me see if it would be like this in pattern. Prosecuting with other professionals I had ne’er met before and holding to work together to make a common end is a existent possibility. I was rather surprised to happen that I was non the lone one experiencing a small dying as other members besides expressed this. In fact when they besides verbalised that they did non hold a batch of experience or cognition in this country, I felt relieved at hearing this as I did non experience so entirely. I ab initio felt discerning as I felt I had the least to offer the group in footings of cognition and experience. I expressed this every bit shortly as I could, as I felt so that my honestness would make best for the squad as a whole. Buckingham and Coffman ( 1999 ) stated that placing and assisting to determine team member ‘s failings can help overall squad effectivity. I did non desire my failings to impact the group and the work achieved. Though I have come to gain that experiencing helpless in this mode besides made me more dying and I thenceforth made a witting attempt to finish other undertakings. Upon contemplation I realised I felt this manner because I did non desire to be seen as avoiding duty or as a ‘social idler ‘ as described by LataneI? , Williams and Harkins ( 1979 ) . I did non desire to be perceived as non exercising adequate attempt into making our end merely because I have no experience. Looking back this may hold besides been because it conflicted between my societal and personal individuality ( Hartley, 1997 ) as I do non wish to be seen as ‘lazy ‘ . In larning this I have realised the deductions this will hold in my hereafter pattern working in squads where members may avoid finishing work if they feel unwanted or needed.

Groups are alone in themselves as they are recognised for supplying their ain experiences, outlooks and behaviors. Therefore much research and literature has been conducted into team-work, squad kineticss and its effectivity into different professions ( Hogg and Williams, 2000 ) . Tuckman ( 1965 ) proposed a theory of group development phases. These phases consist of forming, ramping, norming, executing, and mourning. The group undertaking we were set was non grade assessed yet informal feedback was given from the remainder of the category which possibly played a important portion in our attitude to the work in manus. This may hold besides meant that we did non hold sole clip to meet the phases as proposed by Tuckman as the undertaking was brief and non long term realistic to that of societal work.

Bartel and Saavedra ( 2000 ) contended a group ‘s competency can be determined by the group ‘s temper as a whole. A group may do better if they are guided by similar societal norms and values which help communicating and interactions with each other and others. Ekman ( 1973 ) labelled this as show regulations to depict expressive norms that help steer which tempers are required in a peculiar state of affairs and how these tempers can impact the work seeking to be conducted. Many other research workers have besides stated the advantages to belonging in a squad helps with morale, accomplishments, and much more ( Gibson et al. , 2009 ) . This is more in line in with the procedures that were happening in our group. We were acute to guarantee we covered adequate information to show to the remainder of the category, yet we besides wanted an synergistic component so that the audience were non uninterested. We all shared the same vision which may hold made it simpler to pass on ideas and thoughts. It was besides easier to depute duties harmonizing to skill, cognition and entree to resources by holding a good natural leader. Having a designated democratic leader ( Mackenzie,1997 ) helped steer the group and besides helped to raise the morale of the group, as we seemed to bask seeing the undertaking come together. I felt overall this was going a positive experience of what working in a group is like, though have come to understand that it may non ever be so simple. I feel a valid ground for this is because we had corporate consciousness of single personalities and had besides socialised outside of talks which may hold aided group coherence.

Furthermore, temperament theories have besides been seen as utile in edifice competent and effectual squads. Merril and Reid ( in J. W. Gilley & A ; Gilley, 2003 ) developed a disposition theory besides known as societal manners profiles to place and extensively analyse one ‘s ain disposition. Looking back this has made me gain my strengths and failings. In relation to old arrangement experience, I had observed that the administration had a important lower proportion of kids from BME backgrounds ( cultural minority ) go toing. As there was already a policy in topographic point greatly back uping diverseness, yet the background of kids really go toing was rather contradictory. This made me see the grounds why and how this could be transformed so that it had a more diverse result. It could be suggested that the administration was merely paying a lip service and non carry throughing this promise in world ( Patni, 2006 ) . I set about analyzing statistics and making a undertaking so that I could alter this. I have come to be cognizant that I fall under the expressive manner ( Bolton and Bolton, 2009 ) in the societal manners stock list. Expressives are self-generated and thought orientated. This is rather like me in this illustration, I spent a batch of clip on this undertaking and I realised that I had neglected other duties which were besides of import. In measuring the disposition theory I have realised that had my director non shared my position and ‘temperament ‘ on the quandary above it would hold been hard to decide the issue in the first topographic point and potentially oppressive.

These theories and developments into the field of inter-professional and collaborative working have made me see its usage in the context of old pattern experience. An experience that high spots collaborative working, involves a immature male child I was working with who had moderate acquisition troubles and was a immature carer to his female parent. As a consequence of his complex issues, the immature male child presented as rather disputing for professionals working with him. A meeting was held to discourse the services nowadays in this household ‘s life, the impact and advancement made. I felt a batch of of import information was being communicated in the meeting. This sort of scene was truly helpful and utile in deriving more information from other bureaus in one roof which might assist explicate the male child ‘s behavior in more than one context. It is utile for me to see how the male child felt about the services he was having as he was besides present at the meeting. This is in line with subdivision 22, portion 5 of the Children Act 1989. This illustration besides supports Bartel and Saavedra ( 2000 ) and their suggestion that a group ‘s public presentation is based on their temper. The meeting ended with everyone in high liquors at being able to run into the household ‘s demands well therefore far and proposing what extra undertakings could be undertaken.

In a contrasting illustration, a societal worker visited the administration where I was based to see the advancement of a kid. When I took the assignment she seemed agitated and impatient. When I asked if everything was O.K. , she said she thought my director was traveling to take the meeting. I explained to her that my director is covering with a crisis and hence unavailable. She did non look excessively pleased when I told her I was a pupil on arrangement. As the meeting continued she made a ephemeral remark stating that I may non cognize much since I am merely a pupil in the procedure of larning. When I showed her the work the immature individual had achieved in the short while they had been here and conveyed my cognition to her she seemed impressed. This sort of premise is possibly a common challenge when working in an inter-professional mode. She may hold assumed that my position as an unqualified practician meant I lacked accomplishments, cognition or expertness. Hugman ( 1991 ) claims that holding sole cognition in a professional sense can be seen as ‘social power ‘ and can tag one individual apart from the other. Similarly, Saks ( 2000 ) besides had similar positions and named this procedure as “ societal closing ” whereby policies and processs in topographic point in the economic system professions exclude the unqualified or inexperient and give power and position to the qualified. These premises can take to communication dislocation and can consist in barriers in seeking to work together which can convey morale down separately and within a squad. I felt angry that my co-worker would do such a great premise about my individuality as a pupil societal worker. This is damaging to the work we both are seeking to accomplish with the immature individual. I felt I had no pick but to be self-asserting and stand up for my values and moralss on a personal and professional degree. This is in line with the GSCC Codes of Practice as seen in 3.2 ; “ Using established procedures and processs to dispute and describe unsafe, opprobrious, prejudiced or exploitatory behavior and pattern ; ” ( TOPSS, 2002 ) . This high spots me being cognizant of the quandary and using the codifications of behavior efficaciously to assist my co-worker see my point of position, and that she may hold meant to disempower me without gaining so.

Overall my acquisition in relation to squad work has helped me to be cognizant of my ain behavior. Group theories have proved utile in steering my brooding procedure and understand my strengths and failings. I now understand that I can go dying when I feel I lack cognition or experience and that pass oning this can help squad effectivity. I have besides realised that making new thoughts and schemes to better a service is good, though non if I do n’t pull off my ain duties suitably. Past pattern experience has highlighted my professional value base and how I engage in collaborative working with others. All of these subjects together have helped me show my cognition and the critical issues that arise in inter-professional pattern, and what betterments can be made in the hereafter.

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