Looking Into Substance Abuse In Our Society Social Work Essay

It is the painful narrative of my grandma. She stated that, I suffered a batch for my kid. I cried in the darks and hide cryings in the visible radiation. How can a mother slumber without watching her boy? And if she already knows that her boy is kiping on the route with an empty tummy and without the quail. I have seven girls and four boies and saleem was the senior brother among all. He was 13 year. old when he used to state that, ” Ma! I want to suppress this universe. Suddenly one twenty-four hours when he came back from school and I saw him small drowsy so one asked him to travel to kip after the tiffin but he did n’t react and kip their without taking the bag from his shoulder.

As yearss base on ballss by, one twenty-four hours i got the call from the school and I was surprised to hear that saleem is non go toing the school for last three yearss. When saleem came back from school I asked him the ground but I once more found him really drowsy all of a sudden saleem fell down on the floor, so one rushed to the physician and came to cognize from the gatekeeper that my boy is taking drugs behind the edifice with his friends. My hubby was really aggressive and stiff individual. Cipher can travel out to play even without his permission. Finally, one twenty-four hours my hubby found coffin nails from his school bag and asked saleem and so he came to cognize about his drug maltreatment, he beaten him severely and kicked saleem out of the place and said that if anyone of household member went to him he will kicked them out besides. Seleem spent his whole life on the streets, my girl hamida is the youngest sister of saleem, after her matrimony she used to give nutrient to saleem and she admitted saleem in the rehabilitation with the aid of her hubby. They both help saleem in secret, but every bit shortly as he got discharge he once more started taking drugs due to peer force per unit area and homelessness. I was unable to take him home due to his male parent and my girl ca n’t take him to her place due to her in-laws. At last one twenty-four hours my boy died on the street and I did n’t saw his face for the last clip because I was in the infirmary due to depression. ”

Substance maltreatment should be given a careful consideration as there are some factors which tend to make substance maltreaters. This paper reviews the factors of the substance maltreatment and its impact. It besides focuses on assisting the community wellness nurses recognizes the substance maltreatment in their community and suggest nursing consideration appropriate for helping those with substance related jobs.

After hearing this narrative I feel that substance maltreatment is the major societal job. No uncertainty it ‘s a voluntary act of an single but there are other hazard factors involved in it. The primary factor is the function of parents in one ‘s life. As it is reference in the narrative that he has seven sisters and three brothers so we can easy analyse that how their parents give proper attending to every individual kid, As the early phase of kid development requires more attending of the parents and due to low parental supervising and deficiency of kid rise uping patterns kid may develop some negative feelings inside himself. “ High household struggle and low household adhering predict higher hazard of illicit drug induction from ages 12 to 21. ” Jie Guo, ( 2002 ) . He was besides kicked out of place in the age of 13 and teens are more prone group among all because they are turning towards adolescent period where they need proper guidelines from their parents to step frontward as saleem besides started taking drugs in his adolescent age.

Most of the instances of the substance maltreater have been caused by the influence of equal force per unit area. It is the duty of parents to maintain an oculus on their kid. Parents should educate their kids about substance maltreatment and its effects on organic structure, head and on its ain life, as in the instance of saleem deficiency of proper attending and deficiency of counsel and instruction terminal up into this dependence. The other thing I found in this narrative is the deficiency of communicating among parents and

kids. His household regulations were stiff they were non allowed to inquire or portion their demands with their parents and saleem used to pass his clip more among friends. Harmonizing to Ashman ( 2004 ) & A ; Pelham ( 2003 ) . “ Children with attending shortage upset, traumatic encephalon hurt or psychopathology unwellness are known to be at increased hazard because of unprompted behaviour and trouble deriving positive equal force per unit area credence. “ I feel that most of teens utilizations drug to get by up with their stressors and easy they become addicted of these drugs.

One more factor which affects is economic status of the household as saleem belongs to the low category household and his male parent was the lone gaining member of his household. It is really hard for his parents to carry through the basic demands of 11 kids. In this type of fortunes kids may develop behavioural jobs as my female parent reported that her brother saleem gets annoyed and got angry when his parents refuses his demands and here the deficiency of emotional instability is besides an of import factor as he was besides kicked out of his place. “ Adolescents are at less hazard for substance maltreatment if they have a positive relationship with their household. ” Stinchfield and winters, ( 2003 ) .

The other lending factor is the easy entree to the drugs. Harmonizing to the National Center of Addiction and Substance Abuse ( CASA ) “ 31 % of the teens got the drugs from friends or classmates,34 % got from place, parents or the medicine cabinet, 16 % got from other and the 9 % got the drugs from a drug trader. ” Donald Parson. ( 2008 ) .The handiness of the drug is besides impacting the people. Social influence besides pushes the teens towards substance maltreatment because drug trafficking is common in our society and there is no jurisprudence and act for these drug traders.

I feel that substance maltreatment makes the individual physically and psychologically ill. Abuser may go socially stray due to low self-esteem and feeling of hopelessness. As a consequence, maltreater may stop up into the hapless wellness position and hapless quality of life. Individual have both physical and mental side effects like alterations in behaviour, sudden temper swings, bead out in school public presentations and detoriation of physical visual aspect and preparing wonts as saleem besides gets annoyed and become angry sometimes. “ Behavioral indexs of dependance are apparent in physical detoriation and cognitive alterations, deficiency of concerns over being caught, and absence from place, occupations, or other topographic points of duty. ” SAMHSA, ( 1994 ) . In add-on to this, it can take to psychological upsets such as depression, anxiousness, frenzied onslaughts, and societal isolation.

It has been called a household disease because it affects the whole household system and has inauspicious psychological effects on the household members. Beside this, Family besides feels ashamed of traveling out in garnering due to stigma of maltreater in their place. “ When one or more household members are substance maltreaters, household map revolves around the substance maltreater and accommodates or compensates the maltreaters behaviours. ” Naegle and D’Avanzo, ( 2001 ) .I strongly agrees that Family disfunction and relationship jobs consequences in decrease socialisation. Furthermore, there are fiscal loads nowadays related to medical cost. It is besides a major load to society in many ways. The cost of supplying wellness attention and related loss of occupation productiveness for the drug maltreatment is really high. They frequently get arrested due to illegal behaviours, and their homelessness is besides the biggest job for the society. This issue becomes a major public wellness concern.

As a wellness attention professional we should work with the coaction of household and society because their support plays an indispensable function in intervention. In the instance of saleem, his household was besides uneducated and unaware of the effects of the long term effects of substance maltreatment and the stigma of maltreater in the household consequences in household disfunction. No uncertainty we should supply consciousness to maltreaters and their household by giving them proper cognition about the substance maltreatment but I think as a nurse we should research our self-first because it is the inclination of our society to cover with substance maltreater in stigmatising manner which creates the negative attitude in our civilization and it ‘s my personal experience that nurses reflects these attitudes and have trouble supplying attention to clients and their household.

There are some services supplying rehabilitation to the substance maltreater like “ AAS ” and “ EBTIDA ” and as my grandma reported that she admitted him in AAS establishment for rehabilitation several times and he recovered at that place but every bit shortly as he dot discharge, he once more got this dependence due to the homelessness and deficiency of support system. As a wellness attention worker we should work with other community members and leaders to guarantee entree to care for bar and intervention of substance maltreaters.

The other scheme as a nurse we could make is to develop a plan about hazard factors and protective factors which includes behaviour, attitude, beliefs and actions that protect the client, household and society from the effects of substance maltreatment like constructing a healthy relationship with the kids, supplying chances to lend and be a resource individual for the household and society, construct a positive self-pride and self-denial.

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