Organizational Chart Essay

The company I worked for in the yesteryear was FORE Properties. This was a concatenation or flat communities that were all purchased and built by the proprietor and run by the belongings directors. adjunct belongings directors. and the leasing squad. The “chain of command” went as follows. This is my cognition to the best of my ability. New places may hold been added or I was ne’er cognizant of their presence.

There are many different grounds why I did non bask working for this company. None of them have anything to make with the organisation construction. For one. I accepted the place as leasing adviser when I was 3 months pregnant. After working for the company for a few months. I was told that my visual aspect was unsatisfactory. I was have oning apparels from Motherhood Maternity and looked better than most employees. They were mentioning to my face because I had terrible acne due to the emphasis of the gestation and the occupation. They were besides mentioning to my hair because it had late been cut short. My regional really told me I looked ill. I had utmost tantrums of forenoon illness throughout the whole gestation. so looking ill came with the district. My occupation was really threatened several times due to my “appearance. ”

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Another ground I did non bask working for this company is because on one juncture. I was in the shower. acquiring ready for my on a regular basis scheduled weekend work twenty-four hours. which I hated because I could non pass clip with my household. and I slipped in the shower. I was instantly rushed to the ER because being pregnant and falling is a serious issue. I contacted my director every bit shortly as I could to allow her cognize that I could non physically do it in the office that twenty-four hours and she wrote me up because I contacted her AFTER the office should hold been unfastened. I explained that there is nil I could hold done otherwise and that my child’s life was in danger. I refused to subscribe the write up to acknowledge that I was guilty of anything because I wasn’t. The chief ground I did non like the occupation was because the merchandise I was seeking to sell was gross outing.

For starting motors. the flats are income restricted. You have to do a certain sum of money to populate at that place. so it is pointed toward a lower border. The flats themselves were ne’er cleaned. stunk like coffin nails. and had multiple different sorts of linoleum and rug throughout a individual flat. My director could hold paid to hold each flat looking astonishing. but alternatively kept her budget depression so she would have a fillip for non traveling over budget. I mentioned this several times to my regional. and even had her semen and see our flats. but we were told to rent them anyways. I tried to explicate that no 1 would desire to populate in an flat like this. I myself come from the ghetto of South Austin Texas and have lived in some DISGUSTING flats. but I would non take to populate in these flats if you paid me. They still put a sense of urgency on us to acquire the flats leased and began endangering our occupations.

The whole state of affairs was atrocious and I am glad I got out of it when I did. I was even told to invariably walk up to the 3rd floor to clean cockroaches out of the breezeways when I was 9 months pregnant. One clip I was even told that I would be standing on the corner in a clown suit with a mark that points to the flats to acquire traffic in. Bing 9 months pregnant. non suiting into the costume and it being 110 grades outside. I put my pes down and contacted HR and explained what I was being told to make. I was protected from the dressing like a buffoon. but still expected to walk up and down three flights of stepss in high heels and about to present a babe. If I was the regional. the director. or even the proprietor. I would put more clip and money into doing the belongings expression astonishing. interior and out.

I would be certain that each and every employee is treated every bit just as possible. I would ne’er anticipate anyone to make anything that they could non physically do. I think the more you push person to make something. the more stressed out they become and the less they provide you with good work. In decision. working for a company has its up’s and down’s. It is up to each degree of the construction to do the best of each state of affairs that they are dealt. If they see something that is non right. they need to take charge and manage the state of affairs instantly. I wish that in several cases. my adjunct director had spoken up for me and handled the state of affairs alternatively of maintaining quite out of fright of losing her occupation as good.


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