Post-Discussion Reaction Form Essay

Group Interaction

1. How clear was the purpose of the treatment?

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The treatment this hebdomad by the squad was great. We had a really clearly defined lineation to follow which helped to form our treatment subjects amongst one another. As such. I felt that we were able to better show our ideas to the particular topic at manus without go forthing to inquiry which point the posting may hold been mentioning to.

2. How prepared were your group members for the treatment?

The squad appeared to be really prepared. The treatment began early in the hebdomad and has continued on through twenty-four hours six. It has been added to each and every twenty-four hours. Furthermore. the cognition of the capable affair is clearly identifiable within the content of the treatment.

3. Did everyone take part every bit in the treatment?

Everyone participated good within the treatments. Yes. there were a few who participated more than others. but I felt that everyone was able to hold adequate input for it be significant.

4. Were group members open to different points of position?

I believe that they were unfastened to varied points of position. We did non ever hold 100 % on each line point. But. we all supported our positions and were able to go on with the treatment without being distracted by a varied point of position.

5. How would you depict the overall clime of the treatment?

I would depict the clime of the treatment as being collaborative. constructive and positive. It truly felt good to see that everyone was seting in valid idea to their parts. I do non see that anyone is merely traveling through the gestures and seeking to skate by without larning the capable affair.

6. Did you experience your group was productive in the treatment? Did you use the clip expeditiously?

I do experience that the group was really productive within the treatments. The manner in which the treatments were organized I believe helped to further this ambiance. Therefore. the clip that was spent by the squad to supply input. do the stations and cook the squad for the assignment was done so efficaciously.

7. What strategies can you utilize in future treatments to increase productiveness and results?

I suppose that we could hold put progressive clip outlooks for each of the treatment points. In other words. they could hold been assigned chronologically so that the raillery amongst each other could hold been even more seasonably than it was already.

8. What attack will you take following clip to increase group coherence?

The lone thing that I can see that could be done better for the group coherence would be to either better use our communicating resources like conference calls. phone calls or group electronic mails outside of the schoolroom posting map.

Video Analysis – “Planning A Playground”

1. What are the issues in this meeting?

The issue that was presented before this board was the undertaking of support and organizing the building of a vicinity resort area. Beyond the specific undertaking for the resort area planning. it was besides clear that the squad had a little degree of challenge in acquiring to cognize one another. Within this group were some seasoned board members every bit good as some fall ining the group for the first clip. Throughout their interactions. it was clear that the members of this squad were seeking to hold an effectual relationship with one another. They were all really affable and professional with each other.

2. What did they do good as a group?

The squad did good to get the better of the obstruction of non cognizing each other really good. As the meeting commenced they spent some clip for debuts. This appeared to do the persons of the group more comfy with each other. They had single thoughts and had evidently given the undertaking at manus some old idea. Ultimately. even though these squad members had merely been together for a really short period of clip. They all seemed to be on the same page. even when one member of the group had a differing sentiment. The leader of the group helped the group to convey together the different thoughts of each member.

3. Can you place constructive or deconstructive struggle happening in this group? What are some cardinal indexs? What struggle manners do you see?

This picture appeared to show much more in constructive struggle instead than deconstructive struggle. “Constructive Conflict refers to conflict in which the benefits exceed the costs ; it generates productive. reciprocally good. shared determinations. In constructive struggles. the procedure becomes every bit of import as the terminal consequence. Persons come together to redefine or beef up their relationship for the greater good of the parties involved” ( Meehan. 2014 ) . The clearest illustration would be when one member wanted to make a bake sale in order to raise $ 35. 000. The other members clearly were non on board. but one index that the struggle was constructive was that they gave alternate solutions. Although it was non audacious. there could besides be more deconstructive struggle than may be evident.

Although non traveling to the degree of personal onslaughts. there were really few inquiries being asked to derive elucidation of thoughts or ideas by the other squad members. This attack. similar to being inactive aggressive. could really hedge direct confrontation but be the footing of struggle that is more destructive than constructive. This would be due to the avoided forestalling a effectual solution to the assigned undertaking.

4. Based on what you learned this hebdomad. how might you manage this state of affairs otherwise?

Understanding that these squad members were run intoing one another for the first clip in this scene. the initial piece of debuts would be a good manner to near this. As was discussed. this squad conducted this part of the meeting good. It could hold been more good for the squad to hold a more clear set of guidelines or docket to be following. By taking this attack. it would be really easy to hold a brainstorming period of clip so that cipher would experience that their suggestions may non be given the appropriate virtue. It can besides assist to maintain a freshly formed squad on path without swerving off class of the coveted mark issue. A great manner to back up the scene of an docket would be introduce more ocular AIDSs to the meeting.

Video Analysis – “The Politics of Sociology”

1. What are the issues in this meeting?

The undertaking assigned to the squad was to turn to the issue of worsening pupil registration at the university. In order to make this. one of the suggestions was to place whether or non the Sociology class was feasible within the immediate landscape of the class choices. The struggle that arose from this treatment is the other issue that is in forepart of the squad ; the interpersonal struggle that exists between the squad members

2. What did they do good as a group?

This squad was able to clearly pass on the footing of their suggestions and sentiments. Additionally. the squad members appeared to be qualified capable affair experts within their range of authorization. Because of this experience. the squad members were besides able to efficaciously raise valid inquiries with respects to the treatment at manus. They all appeared to hold comparative value to add within the treatment.

3. What types of struggle do you see in this picture? Provide examples.

The interpersonal struggle here was easy to see within the off-handed remarks throughout the treatment. It is hard to state whether or non this is a struggle specifically between the persons or if this is set deeper within a struggle that exists between the sections that these people each represent. If this is the instance. the struggle would be more of an intergroup struggle than interpersonal. A twosome of illustrations of this tenseness that existed were times that the adult female said “oh here we go. oh here we go” when the gentleman was seeking to show his feelings. Another one is that Steve had to leap in a few times and say “lets step back and put feelings aside and look at the bigger picture”

4. There is a clear leader in this picture. What can he make to be a better leader for this group?

Yes. there is a clear leader within this group. It was a clear consensus that Steve would hold been better off to set up clear guidelines for the interaction within the treatment in order to maintain the off-handed remarks to a lower limit while go oning to hold the duologue move towards an agreed upon solution for the issue at manus. Although it is healthy to hold an organic treatment. it must besides go on to be productive. Steve could hold maintained the control of the treatment himself while inquiring specific inquiries to specific people to derive their positions of the subject at manus. Additionally. Steve could hold addressed the elephant in the room ; the fact that there will probably be viing involvements for the subjects that were to hold been discussed. By openly admiting this fact. he would be set uping his authorization within the state of affairs without holding to pick a victor or also-ran amongst the members of the group.

5. Based on what you learned this hebdomad. how might you manage this squad state of affairs otherwise?

As the leader of this group. by taking a proactive attack in clearly specifying the aims of the treatment would be the first measure. Then. one time the meeting commenced. openly admiting the possible barriers that may be. such as the intergroup struggle that is in topographic point within the organisation here. would assist to unclutter the air on merely how the demeanour of the meeting is expected to play out. Beyond everything else. the destructive struggle must be minimized en stead of more constructive struggle.

Meehan. C. ( 2014 ) . Difference Between Destructive & A ; Constructive Conflict. Houston Chronicle ; Small Business Groups. Retrieved from hypertext transfer protocol: //smallbusiness. chron. com/differences-between-destructive-constructive-conflict-1202. hypertext markup language

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