Role Of Natural History Museum In London Tourism Tourism Essay

Organization defines tourers as people who “ travel to and remain in topographic points outside their usual

Environment for more than 24 ( 24 ) hours and non more than one back-to-back twelvemonth for leisure, concern and other intents non related to the exercising of an activity remunerated from within the topographic point visited ” .

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Harmonizing to international rider study ( IPS ) 2009, more than 14 million abroad visitants visited London, Over 50 % of London visitants were EU subjects, dominated by reachings from France Germany, Spain and Italy. A farther 14 % arrived from the remainder of Europe. Harmonizing IPS itself they spend about 8,315 billion lb in twelvemonth 2009.As the information shows people visited London for different ground among which 50 per centum visitant visited for vacation intent, 23 per centum visited for sing friends and relatives,18 per centum visited for concern, 1 per centum visited as a pupil and rest 8 per centum visited for other ground. ( For statistics see appendix 1 )

Urban touristry:

hypertext transfer protocol: // A dark position of cardinal London.

Urban touristry has, in one signifier or other, been with us since Mesopotamia and Sumeria were engendering the phenomenon of urbanisation. Peoples with the agencies and disposition to make so hold been drawn to towns and metropoliss merely to see and see a multiplicity of things to see and doaˆ¦These ( towns and metropoliss ) were the runing pots of national civilization, art, music, literature and of class brilliant architecture and urban design. It was the concentration, assortment, and quality of these activities and properties… that created their attractive force and put certain towns and metropoliss on the touristry mapaˆ¦ ( Karski 1990, p. 15 ) .

Today touristry consumes significant sums of infinite within urban finishs: tourist-historic urban nucleuss, particular museums of many sorts, urban waterfronts, subject Parkss and specialised precincts all contribute to this ingestion ( Gospodini 2001 ) . Today major urban countries perform of import maps, all the modern engineerings and development takes topographic point in urban countries. They are the cardinal gateways for both international and domestic tourers. As a whole we can state that every tourers first finish will take topographic point in urban countries no affair which state it is in full Globe.

Museums and touristries in uk

As we all know that the touristry plays a critical function in UK economic system as it is recognized as 5 th largest industry in the UK and UK Museums are the cardinal participants in pulling the inbound and outward visitants. Harmonizing to “ National Museum Directors conference April 2009 ” Museums ‘ success in pulling visitants: eight of the top 10 UK visitant attractive forces in 2008 were museums and galleries and three UK Museums were in the top 10 most visited International Museums in 2008.

Museums are major donees of income from visitants, who contribute straight to the touristry

economic system. Surveies calculate that in 2006 abroad visitants to major UK museums and galleries

spent ?350 million as a consequence of their visit4 and UK visitants, who spend well less per visit,

were estimated to hold spent ?245 million in 2004.5 Visitor studies show that the huge bulk of

visitants have a positive experience in major museums. ( national museum managers conference April 2009 )

Contribution of museums to urban touristry

As we discuss above in museums and touristry, we are clear that museums contribute a immense ball of benefit in touristry industry.Most of the metropolis have museums and it plays a critical function in urban touristry. Once it ( the museums ) was a topographic point that had direction and the extension of a peculiar position of the universe as its underpinning. Now it ( to museums ) has come to be seen as an urban landmark- a replacing for the losing agora, a topographic point devoted to spectacle ( Sudjic 1993:143 )

In 2008-2009 the national museums received good over 40 million visitants, this figures defines clearly that museums contribute a immense impact in touristry industry.


hypertext transfer protocol: //

Front position of natural history museum, south Kensington, London

There are over 240 Museums in London among them ; the Natural History Museum is one of the largest Museums on exhibition route, South Kensington, London, which was created from the private aggregation of British doctor and naturalist Sir Hans Sloane ( 1660-1753 ) . The museum is an exempt charity, and a non-departmental public organic structure sponsored by the Department for Culture, Media and Sport. It has been voted as the seven admiration of London by clip out magazine. The museum is home to earth and science specimens holding some 70 million points within 5 chief aggregations:


In this section they have aggregation of about one tierce of a million specimens and consists of four chief elements: minerals, including treasures, ( about 180,000 specimens ) , stones, including edifice rocks and ocean underside sedimentations, ( about 160,000 specimens ) , meteorites ( about 3,000 specimens ) and ores ( about 30,000 specimens ) .


In this section they have aggregation of an estimated 6 million specimens including seed workss, spores and pollens, lycophytes and ferns, nonvascular plants, algae, diatoms, lichens and sludge molds and is one of the most comprehensive aggregations in the universe.


In this section they have aggregation of some 28 million specimen ‘s house at south Kensington, tring and wandsworth. They include singular diverseness of stuff from giants to protists, prepares at moisture or dry preserved specimens, mounted on slides or frozen tissue samples.


In this section they have the aggregation of estimated 28 million prepared specimens including insects and other tellurian and fresh H2O arthropods including spiders, touchs and myriapods.


In this section they have the aggregation of about 9 million specimens including microfossils, macro-invertabates, workss and vertabates.


The chief intent of this survey is to measure the function of Natural History Museum in London touristry.


To depict and analyze the visitants profile at the museum, alterations in the profile in recent old ages, how many are international tourers ( a specific class of visitant, different from e.g. school groups, local people, domestic tourers ) .

To understand and analyze, What do the museum visitants think about the edifice, services and merchandises of museum and the country as a London tourer attractive force.

To understand the feelings of local occupants about their local museum and impact of museum tourer on their day-to-day life.

Literature reappraisal

Museums are establishments based on objects. This is what makes them different from other societal and cultural establishments. As it is stated ;

Museums are pump primers, their presence can be compared to the gap of a metro station, or even an airdrome: an investing which has the consequence of raising belongings values. They have the ability to raise the profile of a development, conveying life into an country. ( Sudjic 1993:141 )

The constitution of the British museums in 1753 And the transmutation of the Louvre into a museum in the beginning of the 19th century marked a new epoch in urban touristry civilization development in which museums of art, archaelogy and natural scientific discipline began to look in most major metropoliss in Europe and North America ( Thomkins 1973 ; feldstein 1990 ) .

This is the informations drawn by the aid of informations provided by Natural History Museum to demo the no of visitants and their type of five old ages from twelvemonth 2004-2005 to 2008-2009.

Performance index 09-10 08-09 07-08 06-07 05-06

Outturn Outturn Outturn Outturn Outturn


Number of entire visitants 4,388,944 3,843,310 3,779,420 3,892,878 3,281,810

Number of child visitants 1164390 1,131,054 1,251,131 1,325,946 1,049,808

Number of over 60s visitants 307,226 269,032 249,139 290,977 223,643 Number of visitants from lower 429,569 333,832 289,978 299,622 422,482

Socio-economic groups ( NS-SEC

Groups5-8 ) aged 16 and over

Harmonizing to the one-year study


Research is a systematic and nonsubjective procedure to construe facts, addition cognition of the topics and pull decisions based on those learning procedures ( Saunders et al. 2007 ) . There are assorted attacks to carry on the research, yet, it is critical to place appropriate epistemic and methodological bases that allow the aggregation of sufficient information, and finally to reply inquiries raised by the research worker ( Gratton & A ; Jones 2003 ) .

In order to accomplish the first objectives the writer will utilize secondary informations to depict and analyze the visitants profiles at the museum, in this aim he will seek to happen out peculiarly who are the visitants like, their beginning, their age groups, instruction and relevant information.

The 2nd aim, which is to place what make the Natural History Museum visitants think about the edifice, services and merchandises of museum and the south Kensington country as a London tourer attractive force? To run into this objective the writer will transport out a study of 20 people outside the museum gate, inquiring the visitants who visited the museum late.

In order to run into 3rd and last aim, that is ; To understand the feelings of local occupants about their local museum and impact of museum tourer on their day-to-day life.Qualitative informations will be polar, So the Author will transport out the face to confront interview of around 20 local occupants of South Kensington near to the Natural History Museum in order to acquire their sentiment about the Museum.

Therefore the overall purpose, the function of Natural History Museum to London touristry will be achieved through the aggregation of both primary and secondary informations utilizing both qualitative and quantitative informations research method.

Field work:

To happen out the 2nd aim, which is to place what make the Natural History Museum visitants think about the edifice, services and merchandises of museum and the south Kensington country as a London tourer attractive force? The writer had carried out the study of 20 visitants at the clip of field visit. ( for questionnaire and informations aggregation refer to appendix )

Harmonizing to the informations aggregation on study out of 20 people, there were 55 % male and 45 % female of which 25 % were married and rest 20 % of them were individual. The tabular array besides shows that the bulk of the voluntary to the study belonged to the 17- 30 ( 50 % ) and 31-59 ( 30 % ) age group, though there were a good representative of persons ( 20 % ) between the age group of over 60 old ages old.

Majority of voluntary represent the managerial professional businesss ( 55 % ) , followed by enterpriser stand foring 25 % , followed by 15 % belonging to skilled occupation holder and remainder of them were in semi skilled occupation ( 5 % ) . The tabular array besides explain that the bulk of the voluntary were keeping sheepskin or degree stand foring 50 % in a whole, followed by maestro grade holder ( 25 % ) and GCSE/A level 20 % , and the remainder 5 % were keeping a PhD.

If we move farther so the tabular array explains that there were a immense no of inward tourer stand foring 40 % of entire tourer which were from different parts of united land, followed by European brotherhood state stand foring 35 % , so after the Asiatic state ( 15 % ) bulk signifier China and India as it is non shown in informations, remainder of them ( 10 % ) were from western state.

As a portion of study the writer carried out a study chiefly inquiring 10 of import inquiries, as the tabular array or information explains that the bulk of the voluntary were excited and satisfied with the services and installations after sing the museum and they were stating that the museum edifice were astonishing and first-class. As the figure shows that the majorly of the people were excited with the environment of the south Kensington, as it is a portion of cardinal London and they were stating that its modern and good facilitated in footings of transit, cleanness, different eating houses and saloons, and besides another two major museum that is Victoria and Albert museum and scientific discipline museum and they seem really happy with the local people and their cordial reception.

As we can see that the bulk of the voluntary ( 50 % ) likes the bluish zone or section which has the astonishing dinosaur aggregation, Marine invertebrates etc, followed by ruddy zone ( 25 % ) or section which has the aggregation of vision of Earth, Earth today and tomorrow, Earth lab etc, and so green zone where you can see the best minerals aggregation, fossil Marine reptilians, Primatess etc, and in conclusion orange zone where you can Research the Wildlife Garden and see behind the scenes of the Darwin Centre.

Harmonizing to data the voluntary looks really positive and satisfied about museum and the London as a great tourer finish, and the bulk of them were willing to come back once more as they were proposing that the disposal should work out a bit more to do it more good organised and modern.

To happen out the 3rd aim that is measuring the sentiment of local occupants about their local museum ( specially Natural History Museum ) , the writer had carried out the face to confront interview of 20 people. ( for the sample inquiries and informations please see appendix 3 )

Harmonizing to the informations collected on 6 Thursday of grand 2010, there were 45 per centum of male volunteering followed by 55 percent female of which 30 per centum were married and rest 25 per centum were single belonging to different age groups, bulk of them were in between 17 to 59. There were mixture of educated people keeping mixture of instruction making working in different class of occupations of which 15 % of voluntary were working as the semi skilled occupations.

Mentioning to the interview consequences, bulk of voluntary were really aroused and happy of the being of their local museum, though there were some assorted negative reaction about the museum, particularly people were kicking about the overcrowding job as I asked about the first inquiry that was what do you believe about your local Museum. As I moved to 2nd inquiry which was what are the benefit of your local museum in your life, there were a mixture of positive replies, bulk of voluntary were stating me that they can see different people from different parts of the universe, they can interact with them, because of museum that peculiar country is really much developed and secured, out of 20 some were shop keeper who told me that they were really much benefited signifier the store because of the tourer who comes to see the museum, some were stating me that because of museum visitant there are tonss of bars, eating houses, stores which created 1000s of occupations. As I asked them 3rd inquiry which was what is the negative impact you local museum? bulk of voluntary were replying me that because of the museum their topographic point is overcrowded, polluted ( sound, air etc ) and urbanized ( lose their ethnicity ) .some of them were sharing me that they can non acquire sit to sit on the coach neither in train because of immense no of tourer. As I moved farther to 4th inquiry which was are you happy with the tourer that come to see your local museum and local country, there were assorted replies of which some were stating that they were really happy because they can see different people from different parts of the universe, some were stating they can chew the fat with them and cognize about their civilization, their topographic point it ‘s like sharing a civilization and tradition between two different people. some of them were non happy they were sharing me that some tourer are barbarian they spit on the coach and tubing, cry on the coach and tubing they said that they were mentally annoyed by the behave of the tourer.

As I asked them my last inquiry, what is the best thing that you like about the museum that is in your country. For this inquiry bulk of the voluntary gave me positive feedback, that the museum is pulling immense no of tourer from the inbound and out edge and it helps them in running their occupations and concern, they are really proud to be the local occupant of the historic topographic point, they and their coevals can see different aggregation of the museum really easy. They and their kids can larn from the museum and can be the portion of the great museum. As top of this some of them were proposing that there should be done more in local country by the museum and the authorities in footings of conveyance, cleanliness ‘ and safety to pull more tourer.




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Natural History Museum, Souvenir Guide to the astonishing universe of nature.

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