SOP for master of engineering Essay

I. Mashuque Enam. am using to Murdoch University for the admittance to Master of Engineering Program with specialisation in the field of Instrumentation and control. My end is to prosecute a calling in research. either in industry or in academe As a Statement of intent of my alumnus survey. I describe here my academic background. research involvements and calling ends.

Academic Background

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At the teenage. I was overly fond of playing cricket and there was no balance between survey and cricket. When I learned how to equilibrate between different activities. I didn’t look back and efficaciously raised my Grade point average from my junior high school to my higher secondary test from 3. 94 to 4. 20 in a graduated table of 5. 00. Hence. for this I worked truly difficult both mentally and physically. This strength of equilibrating grows in combination with assurance and ability to lodge to the undertaking. As a consequence. after university admittance trial I got a opportunity to be a pupil of Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering under Electrical Electronic and Computer Science ( EECS ) Department in North South University. one of the nation’s Prime Minister institutes. Finally. after finishing my graduation. I achieved 3. 30 CGPA in a graduated table of 4. 00.

I am of the sentiment that research requires a steadfast foundation in theory backed up by an in-depth cognition of systems and execution. My public presentation in lab classs proves to my cognition of systems and programming. My strengths are my consistence. capacity for difficult work. and my ability to work in a squad. I have been involved in many class undertakings which involved a group of pupils. and I have been the squad leader in rather a few of these. I believe that research involves new thoughts. every bit good as consistent attempt to endorse them up. both of which I am capable of.

Research Topic & A ; Background

In my concluding twelvemonth. I joined custodies with two other pupils to set about a undertaking. Our undertaking consisted of planing a Smart Energy Meter. The bosom of our system consisted Arduino Microcontroller Board. We used arduino linguistic communication for programming the system. We made a circuit board to mensurate the ingestion of energy of family and industrial use. We integrated it with a touch screen interface which is able to demo the consumed value. Our undertaking title was- “Smart Energy Monitoring Using Off-the-Shelf Hardware and Software Tools” . I besides presented this undertaking in seminar. This is one of the most interesting big undertakings that I had a opportunity to be a portion of. It is an highly practical experience. which I truly bask. Working on this undertaking has given me huge practical cognition and helped me visualise and plan circuits with the least possible hardware and outgo. It has helped me recognize that everything we study in theory might non be that easy to realize and implement in pattern. It has been a great experience and one that I would wish to set about in the hereafter as good.

During my undergraduate class in the Department of EECS I have systematically scored above 88 % . which is a affair of great pride for me. as really few pupils have achieved this effort. This makes me several cuts above the platitude. Our classs were strictly theoretical in nature. I would wish to alter that. As I have mentioned below. I am a practical individual and like to see things work.

Why Murdoch University?

Since all Fieldss in Engineering are extremely interlinked with my concluding undertaking. I am cognizant that the section of Engineering & A ; IT at Murdoch University is one of the best in the universe. being peculiarly strong in Instrumentation ( my primary involvement ) . In my B. Sc. Undertaking. my usher and I are concentrating on developing better methods for mensurating energy in at assorted intents and sectors. The preliminary thoughts that have emerged out of this attempt utilize a consequence on { Residential extremum electricity demand response—Highlights of some behavioral issues } by { Tania Urmee } . The fact is from Murdoch University convinced me that Murdoch University is the natural pick in recognizing my alumnus ends. Furthermore. I am interested on the undertaking titled- integrate and fire theoretical accounts by { Gregory Crebbin } . to do interrelatedness with Arduino Microcontroller board which would be more cheap.

I am confident that I’II be able to run into the criterions of the University. I am thirstily waiting for an chance to do important part in research and Development plans of the University.


I to the full understand the sort of dedication. doggedness and decide a alumnus plan calls for ; I believe that I have the ability and finding to step on this exciting way.

In decision. I do trust that I’II be given a just opportunity to recognize my aims by being granted an admittance. I look frontward for a long and reciprocally good relationship with the University.

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