The Concept Of Partnership In Social Care Social Work Essay

The construct of partnership in wellness and societal attention and bureaus need to be involved in back uping Mr. Smith and his household

From the scenario it is clear that Mr. Peter Smith is confronting different type ‘s problems at the same clip like fiscal jobs, societal job, physical job and mental job. Harmonizing to Fletcher ( 2006 ) , Glasby & A ; Littlechild ( 2004 ) , the partnership working is the most of import subject at this clip to guarantee best result particularly in wellness and societal attention sectors. In order to the solution of this job, he needs aid from different bureaus. These bureaus can be wellness attention bureau and societal attention bureau. For the best solution of his job all the bureaus must work together. The bureaus can be lodging bureau, infirmaries, Bankss, NHS, adviser bureaus etc.

Simmers et Al ( 2008 ) has noted that primary wellness attention bureau, secondary wellness attention bureau and societal attention bureaus need to be involved to back up a individual like him and his household. Here General Practitioner, dentists, attention trusts, NHS trusts, druggists, exigency trusts are included of primary wellness attention bureau. As he is 50 old ages old so foremost of wholly he needs to acquire support from primary wellness attention. It may be nursing place who offers service from free of charge as he is go throughing his clip through fiscal job. In add-on, he can acquire fiscal advantage from exigency financess. After that, it is besides seen that he is enduring from type 2 diabetes. So, he should acquire service from secondary attention trust as primary attention trust does n’t supply this service and it can be NHS hospital trust or Diabetes UK ( Morris, 2006 ) .

In 2002 Ebony magazine revealed that there is a nexus between type 2 diabetes and bosom onslaught. Most of the instances, those who have sedentary life manner, they suffer from type 2 diabetes. Research has shown that, Type 2 diabetes causes shriveling of the arterias which create barrier in blood supply towards bosom and this barrier/blockage causes bosom onslaught.



Harmonizing to Cutting ( 2004 ) , single like Mr. Smith should acquire support, intervention and advice from British Heart Foundation. This organisation works against all types of circulatory and bosom disease. It besides provides life salvaging cardiac equipment for free of charge for the non-solvent people. It helps people by supplying nursing services, rehabilitation services, and bosom support services. If anybody loses their houses because of fiscal job, they will be rehabilitated by this organisation. So, single with fiscal job can be benefitted by this organisation.

In 1986, Hobfoll notes that, physical or psychological unwellness of male spouses may impact their spouses. As Mr. Peter has fiscal job now so he may hold face this trouble. From the scenario, it is seen that, his married woman was hospitalized for depression. So, equal aid from societal workers should be available to back up them in this state of affairs.

A From the scenario, we have besides seen that Mr. Peter Smith has ten old ages old male child whose work at school is being worsened after job in his household. So he should non be stayed with his household any more because it may interrupt his mental wellness. As a consequence, he may be aggressive like his parents in future.A Harmonizing to jurisprudence, every kid must be kept safe at any types of condition.A ToA guarantee this Greater London Association of Directors of Social Services, Metropolitan Police Service, London Child Protection CommitteeA and Department of Health, kids trusts are working together. Harmonizing to these organisations, kids who are at hazard of any types of jobs should be looked after by societal workers.

A So, from the above treatment we can recognize that to back up his household all of these bureaus have to work together. Mr. Peter Smith ‘s household will neverA acquire a standard serviceA if they do n’t work together. A

1.2 Different partnership relationships that may be necessary to cover with the issues confronting Mr. Smith and his household and look intoing partnership relationships across a scope of wellness and societal attention services.

Harmonizing to Peck ( 2003 ) , people working together average partnership working. This is a scheme to better service and communicating among the organisations and forces. For illustration, a GP should hold a good partnership relation with the territory nurse and wellness attention supplier bureaus. Besides, As the GPs ‘ are regarded as household doctor so they can assist clients like Mr. Smith a batch. To guarantee this, they should hold a strong partnership with about all types of wellbeing bureaus.

As Mr. Peter Smith is fighting with several types of jobs so assist from merely GP is non sufficient. After confer withing with a GP, he can be referred to acquire intervention from a doctor who will cover with his diabetes job. Then he may necessitate to be re-housed or to acquire fiscal aid. A GP can mention him to an exigency trust or a lodging company. If they work together, so Mr. Smith ‘s job will be solved swimmingly.

He farther shows that, a GP should hold a working relationship with societal attention bureaus. Mr. Smith ‘s married woman should back up her hubby during his showery twenty-four hours. But alternatively of making so, the relationship between them was interrupting down by the clip. To forestall this, Mrs. Smith must be counseled by the societal workers so that she supports his hubby and her household by this clip. At least she should make it for the interest of their kid. In this term, London Child Protection Committee can give them a manus. But if it fails anyhow, their kid can be supervised by the commission straight.

Harmonizing to NHS ( n.d. ) , the partnership relationship that can be necessary to cover with this can be expressed by the diagram given below:


GP Practice


NHS Direct


Patients/ Public

Emergency Care

Care Trust

Mental HealthTrust

NHS Trust

Ambulance Trust

Primary Care

Secondary Care

Question 2

2.1 Research developments in working in partnership for a scope of service users

Harmonizing to Sallivan & A ; Warner ( 2004 ) and Mandelstam ( 2009 ) , there are a few developments in working in partnership in wellness and societal attention such as community attention act, national wellness services, kids act etc. These developments will assist to better partnership working in Health and societal attention. But late some statute law have been significantly changed for kids act. As a consequence, no kid will be victim of pretermiting or mistreating.

In the twelvemonth of 2000 one kid named Victoria died for famishment, she was neglected by her aunt who was caring to her. Even she was non taken to any societal service worker or any physician. In that clip, every enquiry was failure at every degree by every organisation which came into contact to her. The ground was, in that clip organisations did non work together from where Victoria supposed to acquire aid. Alternatively there was confusion and struggle. Basically, Not merely the wellness and societal attention bureaus are expected to co-operate with each other but they expected to work in coaction with other bureaus e.g. private and voluntary sectors.

Wilson & A ; James ( 2007 ) and Douglas ( 2008 ) noted that, kids act ‘s 1989 was changed and some new statute laws were added in 2004 to better partnership working. It gives the local governments the leading function in doing agreements to convey together local spouses. The Director of Children ‘s Services and the lead member for kids ‘s services will play a cardinal leading function in conveying together local spouses, both statutory and non statutory across the full scope of local services. It provides a legislative spinal column for the wider scheme for bettering kids ‘s lives. The act amended the jurisprudence with regard to kids ‘s places, community places, voluntary places and voluntary administrations. It besides made proviso with regard to fosterage, kid minding and twenty-four hours attention for immature kids and acceptance. The overall purpose of the act is to promote incorporate planning, commissioning and bringing of services every bit good as improve multidisciplinary working. This would take duplicate, addition answerability and better the co-ordination of single and joint review in local governments. It besides sets out how the Local Authority and the spouses will better the wellbeing of kids in their country.

In add-on, Anon ( n.d. ) has shown that National Health Service and Community Care Act 1990, The Mental Health Act 1989 ( amended in 2004 ) have been changed some statute laws late to back up partnership working for a scope of service users.

2.2 Review grounds of inter-professional pattern of working in partnership in a given service user group

Harmonizing to Ellis et Al ( 2003 ) , inter-personal pattern is really of import to work in partnership in wellness and societal attention. For illustration, Social workers, NHS, constabulary, kids services, elderly attention services, disablement attention services, charity, private or public organisations and other organisations should work together. For illustration, client like Victoria Colombie may necessitate to acquire service from a societal worker who will assist her to protect from physical maltreatment or disregard. Then she will necessitate to acquire aid from local constabulary or canvassers. So, societal workers should hold a nexus with the canvassers. Again, we know that canvassers and constabularies have relationship to work together. She may necessitate support from physicians every bit good. So, a societal worker can mention her to a GP who will cover with her clinical affairs. But if anytime she has to confront trouble, so societal worker will assist her.

Anon ( n.d. ) states that, a kid may necessitate to acquire fiscal aid which may non be available from household. So, they should acquire assist kids ‘s services or exigency financess from kids. It is really usual that kids will non cognize how to cover with this affair. So, foremost societal worker will take a note why she/he needs that money. Then societal worker can use for that aid.

He farther shows ( indirectly ) that, a kid with learning disablement may non transport out his/her twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours activity. His/her instructors will non be available for him/her for all twenty-four hours long every bit good. Then once more he/she has to come to back up worker who is included to societal worker. A instructor should inform to the responsible support worker about her/his advancement. A diagram of inter-professional pattern of working in partnership for a kid is below:

Children services

Local Police

Social worker

Service user



Emergency Fundss

New hampshire


2.3 Review organisational pattern and policies sing working in partnership in wellness attention organisations.

Harmonizing to Gehlert and Browne ( 2006 ) , there are some specific organisational pattern and policies to work in partnership in wellness and societal attention environments as it is a immense field to pattern. Organizational pattern and policies can be constitutional, private, independent policy and charitable. In wellness and societal attention workplaces it is critical to work in partnership as it improves the quality of service. Support will be available for the workers as good sing any issues. The organisational pattern and policies are given below:

Every spouse organisation has an of import portion to play in guaranting the service users get the highest quality of attention.

To work efficaciously with spouse organisations they must be able to pass on efficaciously.

Statutory bureau policies will guarantee a joint committedness through the partnership organisations and advance better relationships. It besides promotes race equality, advance cultural affairs, and guarantee the wellbeing of community by working in partnership.

Charitable bureau policies work together ; promote working for the improvement of people with other bureaus.

The purpose of private bureau policy is to guarantee the development of less developing countries along with their spouse organisations.

There will hold adequate staff to pass on efficaciously in twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours footing.

The purpose of independent bureau policy is to work spontaneously whenever it is necessary following the statute laws. They can take into history other organisations if they want to be involved.

Organizations will portion their positions and information among themselves to supply better service sing clients ‘ satisfaction degree, particular demands, wellness and safety issues, intervention programs etc.

Using short, clear and simple written linguistic communications while pass oning.

2.4 Describe how differences in organisational pattern and policies in wellness and societal and wellness attention organisations affect collaborative working.

Differences in organisational pattern and policies can impact partnership working significantly and different organisational patterns and policies can be charitable bureau policy, constitutional bureau policy, and private bureau policy ( Gehlert and Browne, 2006 ) . First of wholly, organisations have to confront trouble to repair their common ends. Another bookman Miner ( 2005 ) has stated that, spouse organisations may non pull off suited clip carry through their undertaking all together and struggles may originate among the spouses. Sometimes, the result becomes worse than every bit usual because of differences policies and processs. In add-on, organisational and administrative boundaries can be changed because of their different policies. Normally partnership organisations work in the easiest manner by discoursing with themselves. Besides, they operate their activities in same administrative boundaries. If their patterns and policies remain same, they can accomplish their marks easy and raise their outcome aggressively. But, if there is any alteration of their patterns and policies, they may non cover same country. This will take partnership to worse. Thus, differences in organisational pattern and constabularies affect partnership working in HSC.


3.1 The possible positive and negative results of the assorted partnerships working together for Mr. Smith.

Harmonizing to Glasby & A ; Dickinson ( 2009 ) and Martin et Al ( 2009 ) , working in partnership ever gives the best result. But it has both positive and negative impact on service users. Those are given below:

Positive results:

Employees and service users can discourse about their jobs with different specializers. Help is available from the spouse organisations whenever it is necessary.

Social workers may non necessitate to travel to Mr. Smith to cognize his physical status. He/she can garner informations from his general practician as necessary.

Partnership working can better the experience and results of service users.

Different organisations working together have complimentary accomplishments, which is normally really cost-efficient. It besides improves coordination, sharing edifices and human resources.

Different people from different organisations know more than one. As a consequence, they can entree to a wider pool of information, endowments and contacts

Service users can acquire services from everyplace else from the spouses.

Partnerships can offer moral support and let for better imaginative insights.

It helps to accomplish greater efficiency by cut downing duplicate.

No service user becomes the victim of disregard if organisations work in partnership.

Negative results:

Staff can discourse about the affair of service users with anyone who is their spouse. But the clients may non cognize whom are they discoursing with about their jobs. So, it can strike the service users ‘ privateness.

Misconstruing can happen at any clip because Mr. Smith may non cognize what they are speaking about. He can experience unbarred as good.

Sometimes service users may necessitate to wait for their service for long clip.

If any of the partnership organisation can non react for any ground so service users may necessitate to confront trouble to acquire service.

Different organisations have to confer with with their spouses and negotiate as determinations should non be taken without informing others. So, they need to be more flexible.

There is a opportunity to leak of personal informations if many people can cognize about this.

There may do dissension between organisations or forces. For illustration, Mr. Smith should acquire mental support from a societal worker. But if his GP gives him any advice which is controversial to the societal worker and the societal worker can come to cognize about this, so struggle may originate between them.

3.2 The possible impact of negative results for the practicians and organisations that may be involved in Mr. Smith ‘s instance if the partnerships dislocation.

Martin et Al ( 2009 ) and Glasby & A ; Dickinson ( 2009 ) note some possible impact of negative results for the practicians and organisations. Those are given below:

Proper service will non be available for him to acquire support from organisations.

Service users like him may necessitate to confront tonss of barriers to acquire service. For illustration, they may necessitate to wait for longer clip as usual.

Service users may necessitate to blow tonss of clip and may necessitate to give them their inside informations once more and once more which is really bothersome.

It may impact upon the privateness of service users because they have to give their inside informations to different parties. Sometimes organisations may take their inside informations which may non necessary and so they pass it to 3rd party.

Organizations may necessitate to enroll new professionals which may be expensive. In the same clip, service users may non experience comfy to the new professionals.

Critical and luxuriant research sing wider organisational affairs can non be discussed and solved easy.

Children of such household may be victim of mistreating or their potency may be damaged. For illustration, from the scenario we can cognize that the job of Mr. Smith should be given precedence. But his boy is confronting job every bit good. So, NHS, GPs or other organisations should work in partnership with kids services. If they do non make it, so it will impact on the kids.

3.3 Devise schemes to cut down negative results

Harmonizing to Wilson et Al ( 2006 ) , some schemes to cut down negative results are given below:

HSC professionals must be recruited for longer period of clip. In add-on, they can be given more installation so that they do non be given to alter their employment position.

No issue should be raised straight refering employee ‘s public presentation. It can be discussed with line directors or senior professionals at first.

Communication accomplishments among the employees must be improved.

Clients must be informed what they are traveling to make.

Clients ‘ rights and privateness must be preserved confidently.

Partnership organisations must non leak any personal inside informations to third party without taking permission.

Clients should construct up a strong and effectual sense of ego.

Health and societal attention policies and processs must be followed.

Practitioners ‘ engagement with the clients must be increased. They should portion their positions as good which is related to job.

Clients may be given thought about assertiveness, problem-solving and communicating accomplishments.

A proper execution of wellness and societal attention codifications and pattern is indispensable.

Therefore negative result can be reduced if partnerships break down.

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