The Evolution of Voice Recognition Essay

Aw the Dictaphone! What an extraordinary innovation. This device has been used to enter spoken notes of medical professionals to be transcribed at a ulterior day of the month for over a century. The Dictaphone has genuinely been an icon in the wellness attention industry and will be missed. Since its innovation wellness attention has underwent so many alterations and introduced so many technological progresss. To follow suit the manner in which medical notes are recorded and stored must excessively undergo alteration. And so it did. There has been skepticism along the manner nevertheless. voice or address acknowledgment is get downing to be more recognized and widely used in the wellness attention field.

Voice acknowledgment package was developed to bring forth text from spoken words. Alternatively of typing the words a computing machine user merely needed to speak to the computing machine. and the text is typed by a plan which is integrated into the package. Voice acknowledgment was being experimented with by the authorities bureaus for over six decennaries nevertheless. did non become world in the populace until the last two decennaries of the twentieth century. This new engineering allowed the user to come in remarks or bids without keyboard maps or a mouse. This was genuinely hands free ( Parente. Kock. & A ; Sonsini. 2004 ) .

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The mid 1990s eventually brought the initiation of voice acknowledgment into the wellness attention industry. Many physicians feared the usage of this new engineering and others disbelieved the capablenesss which prevented them from utilizing the system. The vocabulary of the engineering lacked the edification which would be required for its intent. This plan required the user to accommodate to its capablenesss alternatively of the plan adapting to the user ; this was rearward to how the plan would ideally work. Having a cold or an speech pattern made the engineering rather hard to utilize.

Computers were slower at treating information during this clip in technological history ; this made the job worse. With the early version of voice acknowledgment it was sometimes difficult to state the difference “between background noise and the user’s speech” and the engineering was much less than cost effectual. The system by and large started at “ $ 27. 000 per workstation” ( Parente et al. . 2004. Historical Development of Speech-Recognition Technology. para 6 ) . The voice acknowledgment system would be improved upon and go an of import portion of the engineering used in infirmaries today.

A wider apprehension of medical vocabulary would be of import for physicians to keep any religion in the system. Improvements were so made over clip. ”Accuracy rates rose dramatically. and physicians were no longer fighting for the right words for the system to understand and record. Newer systems even provided each user with an chance to learn the computing machine to understand” the manner that he or she speaks ( Parente et al. . 2004. Historical Development of Speech-Recognition Technology. para 7 ) . Harmonizing to Business Source ( 2006 ) . many infirmaries are now utilizing voice acknowledgment engineering with easiness and happening the system rather reliable.

Though expensive. utilizing this “technology to replace written text can take to nest eggs of over $ 10. 000 a twelvemonth. Thus. following voice acknowledgment solutions can extinguish the demand for in-house written text staff. ensuing in immense cost reduction” ( para 3 ) . The voice acknowledgment engineering has many functional utilizations ; they “include written text. patient monitoring. synergistic response systems. telemedicine every bit good as electronic wellness record coevals. care and security” ( Business Source. 2006 para 2 ) .

Though one must ever be certain that patient privateness is protected. Wager. Lee. & A ; Glaser ( 2005 ) describes voice acknowledgment. as a “method used in wellness care” which can outdo be used in “work environments where utilizing a keyboard. mouse. or touch screen is non practical. ” The newer systems are capable of understanding the address of the user and how he or she applies the voice. through tone. pitch. and form ; so this “is converted to computer-readable data” ( Wager. et Al. . 2005. p. 220 ) .

The voice acknowledgment does non come wholly without disadvantages. The disadvantage of these systems is the clip it takes to develop the computing machine to acknowledge the address. This is a peculiar challenge in an country with many users. Higher-end systems are designed to understand any person’s address. but most of these systems have reasonably limited constitutional vocabularies. Most would hold that address acknowledgment is still under development and its usage is most likely in certain sections of wellness attention. such as radiology. pathology. and exigency medical specialty.

However. it does hold the possible to be used with many other types of wellness attention applications ( Wager. et Al. . 2005. p. 220 ) . The usage of voice acknowledgment systems besides requires the user to be cognizant of his or her milieus. One must take safeguards to curtail usage to countries which are non accessible to the populace. as the voice may transport and patient information may be heard by rolling ears. Depending on the information this could be harmful to the patient ( information used may take to individuality larceny if overheard ) and violate confidentiality Torahs.

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