The Experiences Of Children And Carer Needs Social Work Essay

What is most of import to retrieve is that professionals must hear and listen to the voice of the kid ( Gorin 2004 ) .

The following chapter will give an account of the consequences and findings, discourse the chief subjects to emerge and look at the most normally used research attacks in the diaries used within this paper.

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Chapter Three


What are the effects of holding a mental unwellness on rearing capacity and what are the effects for kids? When sing the literature research available in this country at that place have been several of import subjects that have emerged. These have centred on certain countries and show where there are spreads in both proviso and apprehension. Whilst carry oning their surveies the research workers raised of import issues for parents with mental unwellness and their kids and besides for professionals working with this vulnerable group of people.

The surveies that were conducted as focal point groups obtained the richest information from the participants ; hence this appears to be the most appropriate attack to utilize with this service user group. However non all the research examined used this method and was accordingly missing in such good quality consequences from the subscribers, as persons clearly felt more at easiness with this method.

The writer acknowledges that as a novitiate research worker the communicating of consequences from the literary reappraisal are non every bit thorough as that of a more experient research worker. If there had been the chance to research this country in farther deepness, so focal point groups would hold been conducted, nevertheless the experience to research was educational, enlightening and disclosure.

In struggle with current policy that kids need to be protected by remotion from their mentally ailing parent, it has become obvious that parents need to be supported and encouraged to keep normal household life. New Horizons ( 2009 ) , the latest Government enterprise to back up betterment in the state ‘s mental wellness programs to ” better the mental wellbeing of people in England and drive up the quality of mental wellness attention ” ( ) . This will be achieved through better apprehension of mental sick wellness from an informed position, leting social positions on stigma to be challenged.


As antecedently discussed within this paper the countries of stigma, hazard, resiliency and fond regard have all been of import subjects to emerge as countries necessitating farther research. However the increased demand for joined up working within services is indispensable to back up mentally sick parents, so that they can be better supported to keep household life within their ain places. The Social Care Institute for Excellence ( SCIE ) study ; Think Child, Think Parent, Think Family has identified the demand for wellness and kids ‘s societal attention services to work closely together. Merely by nearing the work in this manner can stigma be challenged, hazard appraisals be comprehensive and relevant, resiliency be promoted and fond regards encouraged to go more secure.

What emerged was that the parents held a desire to be considered as a individual with single demands and for their kids ‘s demands to be granted as much importance. This cognition came from research into how the support webs around the households must be given much more acceptance. Workers must be willing to inquire mentally ailing service users who they consider to be supportive to them and include these people in attention planning. Obviously confidentiality demands to be respected, but this is non a ground to except supportive household members who may be able to offer a existent penetration into how their loved one presently presents. Family can besides offer information on old forms of behaviors which may let for recognizing backsliding.

Children expressed a demand to be listened to by professionals and be included in the determination devising procedure, so that they were able to experience involved and non simply dismissed. This re-iterates the demand for joined-up working between services and comprehensive appraisals to guarantee that kids ‘s demands are being addressed by the professional web. Children possessed resiliency factors in get bying with their parents mental unwellnesss and parents displayed equal resiliency in ‘ concealing ‘ from services in efforts at continuing their household life. This was a protection that mentally sick parents had developed as they had expressed their greatest frights was in kids ‘s services being cognizant of their issues and potentially taking their kids from their attention.

The experience of male parents appears to be overlooked, as the literature appears to concentrate strictly on the female experience. This is clearly because society positions female parents as the chief carers of kids but this is an country that needs farther geographic expedition as more households move off from the traditional household agreement and male parents assume caring functions. Besides with immature work forces being the most at hazard group for self-destruction, due to their mental wellness and perchance besides being male parents, farther research is needed to research their experiences.

Research Approachs

What has emerged from the research studied is that the chief focal point has been a preponderantly qualitative attack with focal point groups being the preferable attack of research workers. The focal point has been mostly on the experience of female parents and the manner they experience services, with inquiries centering on how they viewed the commissariats available. They were besides asked to tell how they felt on having an initial diagnosing and the impact this had had on their lives. Assorted surveies asked parents about their support webs and research workers discovered that workers needed to be acutely cognizant of the support systems around mentally sick parents. One survey considered the experience of kids of mentally sick parents in more item, nevertheless non adequate attending was paid to their experience as carers and this highlighted a spread in the research.

Please refer to the appendix for the literary tabular array, which lists all the diary articles that have been read for this thesis.

The following chapter will concentrate on the chief subjects to emerge from the literature reappraisal as countries of trouble for parents with mental unwellness and their kids, viz. ; stigma, hazard, resiliency and fond regard.

Chapter Four

This chapter will concentrate on stigma and public perceptual experiences of the mentally sick, the hazard associated with being a mentally sick parent, the resiliency of parents and kids and fond regards both positive and negative.


The impact of favoritism, subjugation and societal exclusion on mentally ailing parents can non be underestimated, but it is what this vulnerable group face on a day-to-day footing ( Smith 2004 ) . The media has helped to determine public perceptual experience of those with mental unwellness, associating psychotic unwellnesss in peculiar with danger to the populace, although Tunnard ( 2004 ) found this non to be the instance. Furthermore the study commissioned by the Department of Health ( 2003 ) showed that the bulk of the general populace do hold understanding for those with mental ailment wellness and that they deserve the best possible attention available. However merely 21 per cent of people questioned said that they would let an person who had antecedently been a psychiatric inmate the trust necessary to babysit their kid ( DoH 2003 ) . So we have a long manner to travel to alter public perceptual experience of the negative intensions associated with mental unwellness and merely an increased consciousness and farther instruction will back up this.

Social stigma raised important troubles for the female parents included in the survey by Diaz-Caneja and Johnson ( 2004 ) . They expressed that professionals frequently started from the same point of view as the populace that adult females with terrible mental unwellness would be unequal parents and this made it difficult to seek aid and advice for fright of a negative response. One female parent reported “ if other female parents knew I had a mental unwellness, they might non let their kids to play with mine ” ( Diaz-Caneja and Johnson 2004 p477 ) . Tanner ( 2000 ) argues that until stigma and favoritism those mentally sick parents and their kids face is tackled at a personal, political and social degree so rearing results can non be improved. To further research the country of stigma, it may hold been helpful to hold a focal point group of both parents with mental unwellness and parents sing good mental wellness to enable both groups to dispute each other ‘s perceptual experiences. This would clearly necessitate to be approached in a sensitive manner, with participants who were insightful to the experiences of others.

In Somers research the kids who participated in the survey explained that stigma was something they had to populate with on a day-to-day footing, one kid commented when talking about her neighbors, “ I would non swear them ; they would distribute rumor around that she is huffy ” ( Somers 2006 p348 ) . Stigma is one of the greatest barriers to societal inclusion for people with mental wellness jobs and arises from negative stereotypes of mental unwellness, frequently perpetuated by the media. Peoples with mental unwellness frequently have small or no power to seek to alter public perceptual experience and hold small or no option other than to accept the degree of favoritism they experience, frequently intending that they will travel to great lengths to conceal their unwellness from society ( Tanner 2000 ) . As one service user put it “ I feel loath to acknowledge I ‘ve got mental wellness jobs ; the stigma and rejection are excessively difficult to confront ” ( ) .

The Mental Health and Social Exclusion Report of 2004 carried out by the Office for the Deputy Prime Minister uncovered several myths that the general populace had about mental wellness.

They are unsafe and violent-Sufferers of mental wellness jobs are more likely to be victims of offense instead than culprits and less than five per cent of people who kill aliens have diagnosed mental unwellness.

They are unable to work- As long as persons receive the support they need there is no ground they can non work

They can non be bothered to work-Thirty-five per cent of mentally sick people are unemployed but would prefer to be working ( Office for National Statistics 2003 )

They can non do safe decisions-Many eminent professionals, scientists and politicians have had mental wellness jobs

Mental wellness jobs are uncommon-One in six people experience mental wellness jobs at some point in their life-time ( The Mental Health and Social Exclusion Report 2004 )

For those people with mental ailment wellness the really fright of sing rejection due to their unwellness may intend that they find it hard to be honorable and isolate themselves more from household, friends, relationships and their community. Further research in this country is needed to research the ways in which both kids and parents experience stigma and what schemes will outdo support pull offing this. With research comes cognition and all cognition is powerful, hence holding extended cognition of one ‘s service user and any hazard they pose is indispensable.


The definition of hazard in the Oxford English Dictionary is “ the possibility of enduring a harmful event or a factor or class affecting unsure danger ” ( ) . Hazard is a immense consideration when working with the mentally sick as they can potentially present a hazard to themselves or others. When sing the possible hazard a parent with mental unwellness may present to their kid, services may be speedy to leap to decisions that the parent is unable to care for their kid safely ( Lewis and Creighton 1999 ) . This has historically been the instance for parents with mental wellness conditions, with the chief focal point being on kid protection ( Cleaver et al 1999 ) . Comprehensive hazard appraisals are necessary in both finding if a kid should be removed from a parents attention and so if it is appropriate for a kid to return to a parents attention. This means that any worker must ever be aware of the safeguarding of kids and guarantee that when carry oning hazard appraisals that this is comprehensively explored. However risk appraisal is besides necessary in finding what support a parent with mental sick wellness would necessitate to guarantee that their kid can stay in their attention. Therefore hazard factors need to be identified and Jacobsen and Miller ( 1999 ) identified factors which could take to an increased hazard of ill-treatment. Active psychiatric symptoms which led to violent effusions or a deficiency of penetration into unstable parenting, mental ailment wellness coupled with drug and/or alcohol issues and societal isolation were all deemed to be important hazard factors ( Jacobsen and Miller 1999 ) . Equally protective factors need to be considered and parents with mental wellness issues have stressed the importance of positive societal webs, penetration into their ain conditions and better support and apprehension from mental wellness services as conducive factors in cut downing hazard ( Jacobsen and Miller 1999 ) .

Therefore a thorough hazard appraisal is needed to guarantee job countries and strengths are quantified at the oncoming. Gopfert et Al ( 1996 ) designed a model for measuring rearing capacity. This focused on the demands of the parent, their parenting accomplishments, and the support they had available to them. They suggested that the parents ‘ ability to react to their kid, their ability to comprehend their kid ‘s demands and the quality of the parent/child relationship must be evaluated in order to forestall any hazards to the kid or their development ( Gopfert et al 1996 ) . Ability to react to state of affairss in a positive manner can be seen as possessing resiliency and the following subdivision will research this further.


Resilience is widely believed to be the capacity within an single to pull off or ‘bounce back ‘ from hardships. A clinical definition of resiliency is “ the care of competent working despite an meddlesome emotionalism ” ( Garmezy 1991 p426 ) . Resilience of kids whose parents experience mental ailment wellness is the ability to develop schemes to help them in pull offing and get the better ofing hardships. What is known is that some kids are better able to get by with life ‘s emphasiss and hardships and possess an ability to ‘ bounciness back ‘ from traumatic life events. What is clear is that these kids possess resiliency factors within themselves but besides have external factors which support them ( McConnell et al 2006 ) . If a kid holds an even disposition with an active and good natured head, coming from warm supportive parents and an every bit supportive extended household so he will doubtless be good equipped to cover with hardship ( Newman and Blackburn 2002 ) . Mordoch and Hall ‘s survey of 2002 encapsulated kids ‘s abilities to be resilient with their decision that support webs of sort, lovingness and compassionate grownups enabled kids to get by ( Mordoch and Hall 2002 ) . This was apparent that when there was a parent with mental unwellness, if the kid had a farther grownup with whom they had a meaningful relationship to which they could turn so they were able to show resiliency. They farther identified that kids may hold employed defense mechanism mechanisms to pull off their state of affairss such as denial, distancing, intellectualization and rationalization ( Mordoch and Hall 2002 ) . This was identified as a manner for kids to dissemble their true feelings as they portrayed to the outside universe that all was good and they were get bying mulct ( Newman and Blackburn 2002 ) .

Research surveies into resiliency have given a true penetration into the protective factors that kids and parents possess. Olsen and Wates ( 2003 ) study that when confer withing service users they have clarified that instead than societal work intercessions, friends, household, neighbours, peer support and community based webs all contribute to their well being. Having a secure web of support is priceless to parents with mental ailment wellness and their kids as this creates a strong fond regard within interpersonal relationships ( Montgomery 2005 ) and the following subdivision on fond regard will research this country.


John Bowlby ( 1907-1990 ) was the prima theoretician in attachment theory who argued that the most of import facet of fond regard theory is that a immature kid demands to develop a relationship with at least one primary health professional for societal and emotional development to happen usually ( Bowlby 1973 ) . He went on to explicate that without this attention, the kid may confront lasting psychological and societal damage ( Bowlby 1973 ) .

Attachment is cardinal to healthy development, normal personality and the ability to organize healthy and reliable emotional relationships ( Walsh et al 2005 ) . To this terminal there is by and large recognised to be four important fond regard types ; the secure, preoccupied, disregarding and fearful avoidant fond regard manners ( Bowlby 1973 ) . Obviously the coveted fond regard manner would be a unafraid fond regard, where a kid feels loved and appreciated but every bit possesses the ability to recognize the ideas and feelings of others. When a kid develops one of the more negative fond regard manners with their parent or primary attention giver so this has normally been as a consequence of their primary health professional being apathetic towards them. This may be that as a parent with mental wellness issues that they are unable to do themselves emotionally available to their kids as their ain demands supersede those of their kids. Subsequently a parent who is emotionally unavailable or unresponsive to their kids is merely every bit likely to make hurt or anxiousness as a parent who is physically absent ( Howe 2005 ) .

There is non a great trade of research into the effects of psychiatric upsets on the fond regard of immature kids although it is suspected that many types of mental wellness unwellnesss in parents produce fickle and irregular attention giving environments ( Howe 2005 ) . As an illustration of this Hipwell, Goosens, Melhuish and Kumar found in their survey of 2000 that a schizophrenic parent might hallucinate and hold delusional ideas which focus specifically on their kid ( Hipwell et al 2000 ) . This is of class highly worrying for any worker and their response should be to transport out a comprehensive hazard appraisal of the parents belief systems to guarantee the kid ‘s continued safety. They farther discovered in their research that their focal point group of female parents were observed to be less sensitive, less appropriate and more negative in their drama with their immature kids ( Hipwell et al 2000 ) . This all leads to a given that a parent with mental unwellness will be unable to develop a secure fond regard to their kids. However it would be insecure to propose that these findings should be applied to the full mentally ill community as this was based on the sample within one survey and non needfully the position of the general population.


In sing the research available in this country one of the chief decisions to originate is that farther coherence is required between the services, to guarantee that service proviso meets the demands of both parents and kids. “ Think kid, think parent, think household in order to develop new solutions to better results for parents with mental wellness jobs and their households ” ( ) . The Social Care Institute for Excellence recommends that when working with parents with mental wellness issues it is of paramount importance to take a multi-agency attack in order to demo a committedness towards a household focused attack.

Following the tragic decease of Victoria Climbie in 2000, the Government developed a Green Paper and Every Child Matters 2002 was the resulting policy. This has been adopted by local governments as a countrywide policy for ways of working and guaranting the best results for kids. The five identified results are that every kid should be given the opportunity to ; ” be healthy, stay safe, enjoy and achieve, do a positive part and accomplish economic well being ” ( ECM 2002 ) . This means closer working between Children ‘s Services and Mental Health Services and the debut of the Common Assessment Framework goes a measure further towards easing this.

Furthermore when initial appraisal is taking topographic point it is of import to enter information accurately to place parents as this is non ever routinely asked by workers. Parents need to experience that they are listened to and that the support they require will be offered taking into history practical precedences. In order to construct resiliency and thereby manage hazard, staff demand to cognize how and when to entree specializer mental wellness and kids ‘s safeguarding services and this requires a certain sum of creativeness and flexibleness by developing non-traditional ways of supplying services and disputing stigma. This should besides better the kids ‘s ain positions of their parent ‘s mental unwellness and ease their capacity to get by ( ) .

This thesis has taken the signifier of a literature based treatment of the research presently available which considers the capacities and capablenesss of parents with mental unwellness and how the effects may impact on their kids. It was the aim of the writer to confute that parents with mental unwellness are incapable of rearing their kids adequately or safely. This was to show that mentally sick parents, when they are given the right support, can so rear their kids safely. This can be achieved by advancing positive fond regards between kids and parents. By leting parents the infinite to turn in assurance in their ain parenting abilities without fear that their kids will be removed from their attention. By undertaking the isolation that is frequently experienced by parents with mental unwellness thereby encouraging support webs and by guaranting that kids have the chance to understand their parent ‘s unwellness.

Support can come from a assortment of commissariats including ; the statutory services of kids ‘s squads and mental wellness squads, household support webs and therapies.

The deductions for societal work pattern are that farther preparation is needed to promote staff to be able to back up both mentally ailing parents and their kids. This can be achieved through joint working and joint appraisals of both the parents and their kids, so that services work together to make a seamless service. Policy will necessitate to be reviewed to guarantee that workers are working to current criterions to guarantee the safety and good being of both kids and their parents.

Parenthood is universally recognised as one of the most of import functions in society nevertheless parents with mental ailment wellness have frequently been judged to be incapable with public perceptual experiences to this needing to be challenged. This continues to be the instance, but sustained instruction and consciousness will offer farther penetration into this country of societal work.

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