The Impact Of The Visit On The Environment Tourism Essay

Kos is a fantastic island located in the Dodecanese island group of south eastern Greece. It ‘s a little island holding about 30.000 lasting occupants who are split around the two chief towns and several of the island ‘s small towns. The beauty of the island can already be seen from the aeroplane as it combines sea and mountains served in a fantastic green environment. Kos has fantastic organized flaxen beaches around it ‘s seashore every bit good as countless breathtaking and secluded 1s you can detect by yourself, for those interested in civilization there are infinite sites where antediluvian ruins lie like the Asclipion, the Roman Theatre, the Temple of Apollo the two medieval palaces and the archeological and cultural museums. But Kos is non all about beaches, researching or civilization there are plentifulness of things traveling on on the island besides for the immature and ungratified beach parties, concerts, discos, bars, eating houses and parties enduring all dark long.

Assess the impact ( positive and negative ) of your visit on the environment.

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Peoples sing an country contribute to its development and saving, it is obvious tourers are attracted to an country because of the environment.

-Tourists like me can significantly lend to environmental protection, preservation and Restoration of biological hardship every bit good as sustainable usage of natural resources because locals see the value of keeping the natural beauty in order to pull tourers and as a effect gross. And as people come closer in contact with the environment they begin to gain the environmental jobs that should be dealt with because they harm the natural resources.

-Money tourers pay in order to see natural Parkss or antediluvian sites help in developing financess which can be committed in the saving and attention of keeping the nature and wildlife integral. Such user fees, income revenue enhancements, revenue enhancements on sale or lease of diversion equipment and license fees for activities such as hunting and fishing provides great grosss to the local community and the authorities and these financess can be farther used for plans and activities like park Texas Ranger wages and park care.

-Many of the solutions for cut downing the impacts of touristry as the figure of people geting at the finish rises are placed together under the label of ‘ecotourism ‘ .

Sometimes besides called sustainable touristry tends to overlap with adventuresome jaunts, wildlife and nature travel. True ecotourism nevertheless has to at the same time profit the environment, local societies every bit good as tourers. Hotels and other mercantile establishments of the touristry industry Begin to care for the environment every bit good utilizing environmental friendly means to manage their waste, recycling and so on.


But touristry development can set great force per unit area on resources peculiarly in countries like distant islands like Kos where resources are already limited.

-The touristry industry by and large overuses H2O resources for hotels, swimming pools, golf classs and personal usage of H2O by tourers. This can ensue in H2O deficits and debasement of H2O supplies, every bit good as bring forthing a greater volume of waste H2O. Particularly in dry parts like Kos Island, the issue of H2O scarceness is of peculiar concern. Because of the hot clime and the inclination of tourers to devour more H2O when on vacation than they do at place, the sum used can run up to 440 liters a twenty-four hours. This is about dual what the whole island ‘s population uses.

-Tourism besides creates great force per unit area on resources like power, nutrient and other natural stuffs that are already limited. While greater extraction and conveyance of these resources causes the physical impacts associated with their development to increase. Besides because of the seasonal nature of the touristry industry Kos has a much greater population during the high season which departs after season is over but the increased seasonal population besides contributed to the force per unit area of the resources.

-Tourism means edifice and development, edifice demands infinite and infinite is ‘free land ‘ . And in most instances that free land used to construct hotel composites are woods, fertile dirt, wetlands and wild life ; landscapes vanish cement grows with each twelvemonth.

-Tourism causes pollution like any other industry. Air pollution and noise come from touristry every bit good, air planes since touristry histories for more than 60 % of air travel, auto leases, coachs minibikes and the emanation of CO2 produced by agencies of conveyance is more so doubled during the summer season non merely on Kos but other islands as good. Not adverting all the dark clubs eating houses or parties which create adequate noise to be heard for more than several metres around the existent country where the music originally comes from upseting all life in the country. With increased population the figure of waste besides increases and carless tourers many times litter in topographic points they should non because there are no trash tins or they did n’t trouble oneself to look for one. Such solid waste can be found in woods, on the mountains where people leave or bury all sort of things or along the shore lines or even travel the moving ridges to other islands. And with all the waste hotels create on day-to-day bases even the landfield is overloaded with refuse they ca n’t manage.

-Construction of hotels, diversion and other installations frequently leads to increased sewerage pollution. Wastewater has polluted seas and lakes environing the island, damaging the vegetation and zoology. Sewage pollution threatens the wellness of worlds and animate beings as its one manner for chemicals used in cleaning to come in the nutrient concatenation as fish, workss and other basic beginnings of nutrient are infected.

-Often touristry fails to incorporate its constructions with the natural characteristics and autochthonal architecture of the finish. Large, ruling resorts of complex design can look out of topographic point in any natural environment and may collide with the native design and architecture. The deficiency of be aftering how to utilize the land available and edifice ordinances in many of Greece ‘s finishs, Kos being no exclusion, has facilitated sprawling developments along coastlines, vales and scenic paths. The conurbation includes touristry installations themselves and back uping substructure such as roads, employee lodging, parking, service countries, and waste disposal.

Describe two actions that persons could take in the hereafter to keep the sustainability of this environment.

Tourists should non blow H2O because it ‘s non their place so they do n’t hold to care rather the antonym because they are in a foreign topographic point they should be more careful and even more considerate sing the measure of H2O they use during their stay. So alternatively of taking a bubble bath, why non take a shower alternatively or utilize the controlled flower of the lavatory depending on his demands and the same goes for check H2O usage it when you need it do n’t go forth H2O running while non utilizing it. The ground is that the H2O they might perchance lose from the locals who stay on the island all twelvemonth unit of ammunition and need all the resources their place has to offer.

Visitors should besides take in head that the environment is of import both for them and the locals and for that ground they should non litter in topographic points they would non in their ain places. While traveling on field trip, or walks in the metropolis or in the countryside or in the wood or beach they should non go forth rubbish behind or at least non throw it off merely anyplace they like but look for a rubbish can or a topographic point designated for that intent, because if person goes for a walk and sees the refuse scattered all around he wo n’t wish what he sees and wo n’t care for his ain litter either but if the topographic point is clean he will believe twice earlier go forthing littering.

Describe two actions that finish directors could take in the hereafter to keep the sustainability of this environment.

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