Treatment Plan Essay

While run intoing with the client the instance director will build a probationary intervention program. This intervention program will hold been constructed after questioning and measuring the client. By measuring the client the instance director will work with them to get down finding a program. The intervention program should hold diagnosing of jobs. ends for the client and services that will be needed.

Case Detailss

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Larry McCune is seeking aid with multiple jobs that are impacting his ability to populate and work. Mr. McCune was involved in a terrible traffic accident that resulted in the loss of his girl ( Summers. 2012 ) . Mr. McCune suffers from incubuss. concerns. and a fright of all types of transit. Since the accident Mr. McCune has become choleric with his colleagues and has been unable to work systematically. Mr. McCune’s matrimony has dissolved and he presently does non acquire to see his boy really frequently ( Summers. 2012 ) . Mr. McCune wants to experience better. be able to work. and have a relationship with his boy.

Detailss of the Assessment

After questioning and measuring the client is clear that he is still sorrowing the loss of his girl and has depression and anxiousness issues as a consequence of the accident. Mr. McCune needs to be farther evaluated for medical and neurological jobs that may hold resulted from the accident. Mr. McCune will besides necessitate rating for depression and anxiousness. He may necessitate medical intervention for these. as they seem to do him problem kiping. crossness. and the fright of being in any manner of transit. Counseling would be good as it would assist Mr. McCune with his heartache and being in a support group would assist him to interact with other people who have similar state of affairss.

Treatment Plan

The instance director collaborates with the client to compose up a intervention program that will subsequently be finalized in a service meeting. In making a intervention program the instance director must specifically turn to the client’s demands and individualise the program to suit the client ( Summers. 2012 ) . In working with Mr. McCune the instance director has helped to make up one’s mind on which ends he needs to work on. The ends that have been identified for Mr. McCune are mental wellness. household. and medical. The instance director has determined that Mr. McCune needs to be referred to a medical physician for his on-going concerns and other implicit in medical issues. Mr. McCune besides needs to be referred to reding to assist with his anxiousness. emphasis. heartache. and injury of the auto accident. Mr. McCune besides needs reding to assist with reconnecting with his boy and mending his relationship with his ex-wife.

In making these ends Motivation and Strengths

Mr. McCune is ready for a alteration in his life and has indicated he is ready for aid particularly reding. While Mr. McCune has realized his demand for alteration. he will still necessitate motive to get the better of the challenges he is confronting. As the instance director works with the client they will non give out wisdom. but will assist the client work with their strengths. thoughts and resources to convey about alteration ( Mehr & A ; Kanwischer. 2011 ) . Mr. McCune will necessitate to larn to trust on his strengths to assist him. Some of his strengths are that he has a good occupation with income. a place. and support from his ma and colleagues.


In working with Mr. McCune he will necessitate the resources and services of several different bureaus. The instance director will hold to organize and join forces with others on the intervention program. When working with a squad on a intervention program everyone contributes to the treatment so that the best program of intervention can be made for the client ( Summers. 2012 ) . Mr. McCune will necessitate to be referred to physicians for rating and intervention to find the best program for his concerns. incubuss. depression. and anxiousness. He will necessitate to see a head-shrinker for his depression. Then reding for heartache and guilt over the accident. The resources he will necessitate may hold to be adjusted by the diagnosing and he may hold to be referred for more services.

Discussion with Client

Once the instance director has met with a coaction squad they will discourse the concluding intervention program with the client. The instance director will run into with the client to discourse the intervention program and to guarantee their comfy with what has been planned ( Summers. 2012 ) . In the follow up meeting with Mr. McCune the instance director will discourse the program and any alterations that have been made in the program. The instance director will necessitate to guarantee Mr. McCune is okay with the intervention program and have him give his signed consent to intervention. Once Mr. McCune has agreed to intervention so the instance director can get down to organize services and refer him to the services he will necessitate.


When composing a program of intervention the instance director has to interview. buttocks. and collaborate with the client. The intervention program will dwell of demands and strengths that the client has. When assisting the client program the instance director will assist to find what the jobs of the client are and what ends need to be set. The intervention program will besides demo what services and resources will necessitate to be provided. This intervention program will be discussed by join forcesing with a squad from the bureau. They will join forces to make up one’s mind on the best intervention program. Then the instance director will discourse the finalized program of intervention with the client before they begin to have services. The program of intervention for Mr. McCune will be to assist him retrieve from his auto accident and assist him be able to work and populate his life.


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