Two Second Decision Essay

Every twenty-four hours people make determinations. some a small riskier than others. which somehow affect the remainder of their lives. However. non everyone realizes that the smallest determinations can hold the biggest hazards. I am speaking about a determination that takes merely two seconds. yet so many people fail to do the right 1. Wearing a place belt is something that should be taught from the really first auto drive. yet it is frequently the first thing over looked when a individual gets into his or her auto. Wearing a place belt is proven to salvage lives. hence people should concentrate on clasping up. and mulcts given to those who drive unrestrained should be purely enforced.

Statisticss show that in potentially fatal clangs have oning a place belt increases the opportunity of endurance by 45 % ( MTA 1 ) . From 1975 through 2000. it is estimated that safety belts saved 135. 102 lives ( MADD 1 ) . An illustration occurred in the summer of 1999. a twenty-four hours merely like any other. Katie Sanchez and Julie Chapple were on their manner place from running errands when the least expected happened. Not paying attending. Julie drove off the side of the route and into a canal. After skiding out in the crushed rock. the forepart of the auto hit a pipe. The two misss sat in daze for a minute seeking to hold on what merely happened. Julie was keeping her caput and Katie had her manus over her thorax. As Katie stepped out of the auto she began to shout.

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Katie stated: “At foremost I didn’t recognize how close we came to truly being hurt. Either one of us could hold died. If we wouldn’t have been have oning our place belts we would hold gone directly through the windscreen. ” Katie suffered from some contusions on her thorax and venters. and Julie had a little bump on her brow from hitting the maneuvering wheel. Both misss walked off with minor hurts and the place belts they wore protected them from the Torahs of natural philosophies.

Thingss in gesture tend to remain in gesture. When person slams on the brakes or gets into an accident. the auto will come to a sudden halt. The driver. excessively. must come to a halt. But if the driver is non have oning his or her place belt the lone thing left to halt him or her is the splashboard. the maneuvering wheel. or even the paving ( NHTCS 1 ) . For illustration. in May of 2002. Scott McRoberts. a fresher at Seattle Pacific University. was in a bad auto accident and about lost his best friend. Casey. It was tardily at dark and Scott was asleep in the rider place while Casey was driving. Scott recalls hearing a loud knock and waking up to see Casey seeking to derive control of the auto once more.

“I felt the tyres come off the land. I don’t cognize what. but I hit my caput on something. Everything went black. ” said Scott. Equally shortly as he came to. he looked to the left to do certain Casey was all right. but he wasn’t at that place. Scott looked back to the right. out of what was left of the window and saw Casey lying face down on the land. “Casey was about 20 pess from the auto. I screamed out his name as I scrambled to acquire out of my place belt. Then I hurried out of the driver side window and ran over to Casey. He was unconscious. ” said Scott.

Scott carefully turned Casey over and tried to wake him up. He stared down at his shed blooding face. There was a large cut between Casey’s eyes and his olfactory organ was broken. His weaponries and his left leg were banged up and shed blooding reasonably severely every bit good. When Casey regained consciousness. he had no remembrance of what had merely happened. On the manner to the infirmary Scott recalls shouting as he listened to the paramedics in the dorsum. “I heard them say that his lungs had collapsed. They said he had internal hemorrhage and they weren’t certain he was traveling to do it. ” Scott remembered. Not everyone is every bit lucky as Casey and Scott to see a auto accident like that and so populate to state about it.

Harmonizing to NHTCS. about two-thirds of the residents killed in traffic clangs in 2000 were unrestrained ( MADD 1 ) . It was a late December dark when Camille Mitchell and Tami Archer were on their manner back to college in Utah. from Colorado. Camille hit a spot of black ice. and her auto spun out of control. As bad timing would hold it. a semi came cruising around the corner. and with no clip to halt. the semi slammed into Camille’s whirling auto. Tami was hospitalized and spent three hebdomads in a coma. but because she was have oning her seat belt she survived. Camille. on the other manus. was non buckled up and was killed immediately.

Experts say that adolescents are frequently the hardest 1s to frighten into have oning a place belt. They believe they are unable to be hurt or killed in a clang. so the statistics demoing that person can be killed from non have oning a seat belt do non even phase them. Safety functionaries say adolescents are more likely to be moved by a menace that scares them more than decease: a traffic ticket. Fines vary around the state ; in New York. the mulct is up to $ 50. plus $ 35 in tribunal costs. for each misdemeanor. Drivers are besides responsible for riders under 16 who are caught unbuckled. each numeration as a separate misdemeanor ( Wald 1 ) .

Contrary to the Numberss and the assorted grounds on why 1 should where a place belt. people are still doing alibis to non where them. The first alibi is “I don’t wear safety belts any longer. now that I have a auto equipped with air bags. ” Not everyone knows that airbags are designed to work with a safety belt. The air bag will non halt person from being thrown from the vehicle. The following alibi is “I buckle up most of the clip. but non if I am merely traveling to the corner shop a few blocks from my house. ” However. the hazard of acquiring into a serious clang is merely every bit great when you need to take a speedy trip to the shop as it is on a longer trip.

Harmonizing to the Minnesota Department of Public Safety. “We know that 75 per centum of all serious motor vehicle clangs occur within 25 stat mis of a person’s place and 80 per centum of deceases and serious hurts occur in autos that are going under 40 stat mis per hr. ” Another alibi is “wearing a safety belt furrows my apparels. ” Think about it. would you instead have wrinkled apparels or a scarred face? The emotional hurting and physical agony that accompanies a serious clang can non be as easy ironed out. The last alibi is “I’ll ne’er have a crash- I’m a good driver. ” While person may believe himself or herself to be a good driver. this does non intend that a bad driver will non do an accident ( Folch 1 ) .

Peoples need to recognize that life is non deserving the hazard of non clasping up. It is common sense that it merely takes two seconds to set on a place belt. and in a potentially fatal wreck it could be the factor that determines whether a individual lives or dies. Not merely is at that place a hazard of decease. but there is a hazard of being caught interrupting the jurisprudence. It is of import for safety functionaries to implement have oning seat belts and they have a duty to ticket those who do non stay by the jurisprudence. Wearing a place belt is an of import affair and should be taken earnestly.

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