What Is The Destiny Of Man Religion Essay

The being of snake pit and the security of the judgement are non the claims of blemished adult male. The Bible is the beginning of the claim, and it is utterly infallible. When person becomes a Christian, he is acknowledging that he was in the incorrect, and that God is justified in His declarations that we have sinned against Him. However, allow ‘s conjecture for a minute that there is no Judgment

His life in vain, as did battalions of sufferer who have given their lives for the cause of Christ. In add-on, if there is no ultimate justness, so the Creator of all things is unjust-He sees slaying and colza and could n’t care less, doing Him worse than a corrupt human justice who refuses to

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bring felons to justness. Here ‘s the good intelligence, though, if there is no snake pit: You wo n’t cognize a

thing after you die. It will be the terminal. No Eden, no snake pit. Merely nil. You wo n’t even recognize that it ‘s good intelligence. Here ‘s the bad intelligence if the Bible is right and there is ageless justness:

You will happen yourself standing before the judgement throne of a holy God. Think of it. A sanctum and perfect Creator has seen your thought-life and every secret wickedness you have of all time committed. You have a battalion of wickednesss, and God must by nature carry out justness. Ask Him to remind you of the wickednesss of your young person. Ask Him to convey to remembrance your secret sexual wickednesss, the prevarications, the chitchat, and other idle words. You may hold forgotten your past wickednesss, but God has n’t. Hell will be your merely sweet ( precisely what you deserve ) , and you will hold no 1 to fault but yourself.

This is the claim of the Bible. If you do n’t believe it, it is still true. It will still go on.

Yet, there is good intelligence, improbably good intelligence. We deserve judgment, but God offers us mercy through the cross. He paid our mulct so that we could go forth the courtroom. He destroyed the power of the grave for all who obey Him. Simply obey the Gospel, and unrecorded. By making that you will

happen out for yourself that the Gospel is so the “ gospel truth. ” Jesus said that if you obey Him, you will cognize the truth, and the truth will do you free ( see John 8:31,32 ) . Get on your articulatio genuss today, confess and forsake ( turn from ) your wickednesss. Tell God you are genuinely regretful, so trust the Savior as you would swear yourself to a parachute. Then you will happen yourself in a awful quandary. You will cognize for certain that snake pit is a world. When you get up the bravery to warn people you care about, they will smile passively and state, “ Could you be incorrect in your claims about Judgment Day and the being of snake pit. The concluding finish of adult male is in the manus of adult male. It is your pick Heaven or Hell. The Lord says to you this twenty-four hours ; “ Today I have given you the pick between life and decease, between approvals and expletives. Now I call on Eden and Earth to witness the pick you make. Oh, that you would take life, so that you and your posterities might populate! ” ( Deuteronomy 30:19 )

2. Be there such a topographic point as “ Hell ” ?

Some who are basking the pleasances of wickedness for a season will brush off ideas of God ‘s ageless justness by joking, “ I do n’t mind traveling to hell. All my friends will be at that place. ” Obviously, those who airily say such things do n’t believe in the scriptural construct of snake pit. They are like a

backward felon who thinks that the electric chair is a topographic point to set up his pess for a piece and relax. Their apprehension of the nature of God is incorrect, so it may be wise to talk for a few minutes about the rationality of snake pit. Explain that the Bible tells us that God will penalize

liquidators and rapers, and the topographic point of punishment-the “ prison ” God will direct them to-is a topographic point called “ snake pit. ” However, God is so good, He will besides penalize stealers, prevaricators, fornicators, adulterers, and blasphemers. He will even penalize those who desired to slay and ravish but ne’er took the chance. He warns that if we hate person, we commit slaying in our Black Marias. If we lust, we commit adultery in the bosom, etc. All are wickednesss that will direct us to hell. C. S. Lewis summed up all the panics of snake pit when he said, “ There is no philosophy which I would more illingly take from Christianity than the philosophy of snake pit, if it lay in my power. But it has the full support of Scripture and, particularly, of our Lord ‘s ain words ; it has ever been held by the Christian Church, and it has the support of ground. ” Take the clip to state people of the world of snake pit and its scriptural description. Some evildoers like to visualize snake pit as a merriment, hedonic, pleasure-

filled topographic point where they can prosecute in all the animal wickednesss that are forbidden here. Others accept that snake pit is a topographic point of penalty, but believe that the penalty is to be annihilated-to cease witting being. Because they ca n’t gestate that a loving God would penalize people in

ageless torture, they believe snake pit is merely a metaphor for the grave. If they are right, so a adult male like Adolph Hitler, who was responsible for the decease of 1000000s, is being “ punished ” simply with ageless slumber. His destiny is merely to return to the non-existent province he was in before he was born, where he does n’t even cognize that he is being punished. While it is true that God is love ( 1 John 4:8 ) , He is besides merely ( Nehemiah 9:32,33 ; 2 Thessalonians 1:6 ) and ageless ( Psalm 90:2 ; 1 Timothy 1:17 ) . God will therefore penalize the evil actor ( Isaiah 13:11 ) and this penalty

will be ageless. It will besides be witting. Bible tells us of the rich adult male who found himself in snake pit ( Luke 16:19-31 ) . He was witting and was able to experience pain, to thirst, and to see compunction. He was n’t asleep in the grave ; he was in a topographic point of “ torture. ” We tend to bury what hurting is like when we do n’t hold it. Can you conceive of how awful it would be to be in torment, with no hope of alleviation? Many human existences go insane if they are simply isolated for a long clip

from other people. Imagine how awful it would be if God merely withdrew all the things we hold so dear-friendship, love, colour, visible radiation, peace, joy, laughter. Hell is n’t merely a topographic point with an absence of God ‘s approvals ; it is punishment for wickedness. It is actual torture, everlastingly. That ‘s why the Bible warns that it is a fearful thing to fall into the custodies of the life God. The destiny of the cursed is described with such fearful words as the followers: “ Shame and everlasting disdain ” ( Daniel 12:2 ) “ Ageless penalty ” ( Matthew 25:46 ) “ Weeping and gnashing of dentitions ” ( Matthew 24:51 ) “ Fire quenchless ” ( Luke 3:17 ) “ Indignation and wrath, trial and anguish ” ( Romans 2:8, 9 ) “ Everlasting devastation from the presence of the Lord ” ( 2 Thessalonians1:9 ) “ Ageless fire… the inkiness of darkness for of all time ” ( Jude 7,13 ) Disclosure 14:10,11 Tells us the concluding, ageless fate of the evildoer: “ He shall be tormented with fire and native sulfur… the fume of their torture ascended up for of all time and of all time: and they have no remainder twenty-four hours or dark. ” Bible is rather clear: snake pit is a existent topographic point. It is non mere unconsciousness. It is non temporal. It is ageless torture. If snake pit is a topographic point of cognizing nil or a mention to the grave into which we go at decease, Jesus ‘ statements about snake pit make no sense. He said that if your manus, pes, or oculus causes you to transgress, it would be better to take it than to “ travel into snake pit, into the fire that ne’er shall be quenched: where their worm dies non, and the fire is non quenched ” ( Mark 9:43-48 ) . Jesus spoke more of snake pit than of heaven and exhausted much clip warning people non to travel at that place. After all, if people merely stopped bing, why warn them? If snake pit were temporal, they ‘d acquire out in a piece. But because it is ageless and witting, we must make everything we can to warn them. However, a evildoer wo n’t see that snake pit is his ageless fate unless he is convinced by the Law that he has sinned against God. He may see hell a fit topographic point for others, but non for himself. That ‘s why we must non waver to open up the Law and show that each person is personally responsible for his wickedness, and that God ‘s wrath abides on him because of it.

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